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danifacetastic 11-18-2010 10:12 AM

Question About Moss Balls and ADF's
So I'm not into the whole live plant thing but I was thinking about getting a moss ball. Can someone tell me if they're expensive, how to keep them alive, and how it will effect my water?

Also I have 2 ADF's right now in my 3 way divided 10 gallon tank. One on each end. Yesterday I discovered that the one on the right end squeezed past the tiny hole in the divider and ended up in the middle section. Should I be worried about that? I don't think there's any way my fish could get through. I was just going to leave him there but this morning when he swam to the top of the water the fish in the middle section started nipping at him so I put him back in the other section.

Also I've had these frogs since Saturday. The one frog finally ate today but the other one won't eat the pellets I let sink down or anything from the tweezers I hold in front of his face. Will he eat eventually?

SinCrisis 11-18-2010 03:42 PM

for moss balls, just rinse them off and drop em in. u gotta pick em up every few weeks and re-roll them cuz sometimes htey fall apart and form a mat instead of a ball. They go for ~8-9 dollars for a little bigger than golf ball size bunch and ~12 dollars for a racketball sized bunch. It is an algae, not a true plant. in your tank, they will just soak up nitrates.

i dont keep frogs so i cant help u with that.

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