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HyperionLore 11-16-2010 09:42 PM

Mollies with blackened fins
I've got a 46 Gallon Bowfront with an AquaClear 70 kept at 79 degrees. I just tested the water and nitrite and ammonia read 0 and the nitrates read about 15 ppm. I do 10-20% water changes every week like clockwork and vacuum the gravel once a month. I currently have 9 mollies in this tank, all of which were purchased between 7 and 14 days ago. (they were bought from two different places and are a variety of different specific breeds)

I've just started noticing that my male silver molly and one of my creamsicle females are starting to show black along the edges of their fins. The female has also got a bit of the black on her sides, giving the impression that she looks ...dirty for lack of better words. None of the fish seem ill at all. They're swimming, eating, breeding, delivering a ton of babies... normal stuff that mollies do. I was curious if this could be the result of some kind of ammonia burns or bruising from just recently being shipped?

When I bought them the tanks had just been stocked and were horribly over crowded. I read somewhere that it could take a few weeks for the "bruising" or discolorations to show up. Could that be the problem my fish are facing or should I be looking into other problems?

I've also considered fin rot, but I've had fish with fin rot before and this doesn't look like fin rot. Not unless I've just caught it really early or something...

HyperionLore 11-16-2010 09:44 PM

I'm a bit unsure how to put pictures in this thread so I've got pictures up on my profile page, inside my Molly Tank album.

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