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Falina 05-02-2007 03:22 AM

Final stages.
I am now in the final stages of stocking my 30g and 35g tanks. The 30g has now been turned into a species tank of cories but I now have to decide what I would like to put in my 35g. It's not a new tnak, it's just that I've moved a lot of fish out of it so it's fully cycled.

I currently have:

2 synodontis
2 ancistrus
1 common plec (I know, I know, but I rescused him from being flushed, so I'm allowed for the time being)
2 bling cave tatras.

I'd like some top/middle dwelling fish. Not too many. Either a small school of small fish, or a pair of bigger fish. I've looked through all sorts of sites, and been into fish stores and I can't seem to find something I like and I'm being really fussy as this is my favourite tank, and I have it set up in a way I really like so I want it perfect. It's reasonably well planted but with an open area in the middle so more types of fish would do well. I also have bogwood for hiding places, but the point is more that I don't want more fish that hide. I love my catfish, but sometimes, it would take a bit of convincing to get anyone to believe there were actually any fish in that tank, bar the BCTs, so I want something that I'll see.

I'm not keen on tetras or danios really, and I've had bad luck with dwarf cichlids.

Any suggestions?

Also, would kuhlies be alright with the synos? It was suggested that I get some to keep the snail population down but I'm not sure if I'm going to do it.

Thanks a lot.

The-Wolf 05-02-2007 05:16 AM

first of all you say you're not keen on danios,
have you seen any danio feegradei?
here is a link to my website and the page for them

ok now I have that out of my system.
what about Rasbora elegans elegant rasbora,
Rasbora borapetensis Blackline rasbora or
Rasbora rasbora (Gangetic) scissortail rasbora
all of those meet your criteria
and make great additions to any community tank

Falina 05-02-2007 12:37 PM

Got any pictures of these danios? None on the website that work I'm afraid.

Falina 05-02-2007 05:13 PM

Do you think a group of female bettas, or a single male betta would work? I know that the concern will be that the BCTs will nip at a males fins, but having had them for a while with other different fish, they definitely don't seem nippy, probably because they can't see. The male would have somewhere he could go if he was nipped mind you.

Aside from nipping, would this work?

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