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twocents 11-15-2010 05:22 PM

Another Night Light question
Not having any particular problems w/plants.

I have both the daytime and lunar lights on timers, so there is always light of some sort or other. Would I be better advised to turn all the lights off at night? Vary it so some nights the lunars are on or off?

Also, the original lunar lights that dr foster & .. sold are no longer available. What they now sell are strips with led's that are brighter than the originals. I don't know if the extra lifht at night is damaging. I could probably mute it by putting an opaque piece of glass under the lunar strip (blue btw)


two cents

Byron 11-16-2010 11:56 AM

From my rather extensive research I can say that any light during the period of "darkness" is likely detrimental to plants and fish. Both are naturally accustomed to roughly equal periods of daylight and total darkness, approximately 10 hours each, with the other 4 hours being dawn and dusk. This is standard across the tropics where the majority of our fish and plants occur.

"Darkness" means complete lack of any light. Moonlight normally does not reach the water as the overhanging forest canopy prevents it, as it does direct sunlight. This is one reason few streams have plants. Fish and plants need a rest each 24 hours, just as we do. Total darkness is the best and normal way to provide it.

I once came across a study on the effects of minimal light at night on plants, and it was quite "illuminating.":-) The plants did react to light coming through the window or from within the room during the night.


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