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Jwest 11-15-2010 02:42 PM

Starting 100gallon! what fish? other advice??
I'm new to the aquarium scene. I've done alot of searching and looking but need help..
I want to stock my tank with dwarf gourami rainbow fish and anything else anyone would suggest. is this a good idea? I have all my equipment but a heater, what size should i be looking for? I'm thinking about getting plastic plants, but are they're any easy plants that don't need alot of attention? I have very strong lighting. Is there a good place to shop for fish and other items? please help. I'm a noob:cry:. I'm eager to learn though. I hope this is on the right forum...

Jwest 11-15-2010 02:55 PM

Starting 100gallon! what fish? other advice??
I'm starting a new tank. I want to have Dwarf gouramis and rainbowfish. I hear dwarfs get dieases.. Will this idea work?? Anytoher cool fish i should add?? where can i find a heater big enough?? Are there any plants that don't need fertilizer and easy to take care of or should i just get plastic?? any advice, help, comments, rants.. would be nice. I'm a noob:cry:

SinCrisis 11-15-2010 04:06 PM

there are many plants that will work without ferts. Look into plants like java moss, java fern, various anubias plants, and some stem plants.

Dwarf Gouramis can be susceptible to disease when stressed. If you are keeping multiple gouramis, make sure that they have ample territory space.

What types of rainbows are you looking to get?

Other kinds of fish can only be suggested after you tell us how many of each fish you plan to stock, if your tank population is at capacity, you cant add more types of fish. Heaters for 100g are common, but at 100 g you might want to consider 2 smaller heaters to make the tank heated evenly.

Also, look into the fish profiles on this site, you can also scroll over the highlighted fish names and see profiles for each of these fish. Many of the more common fish in the hobby are listed.

burnsbabe 11-15-2010 05:08 PM

Sin has covered a lot of good stuff. The plants he's listed are good to start with. There are a few more that do great with just a liquid fert dose once a week. Nothing major. Definitely go planted. It's easier than you think.

With a tank that size, I'd grab two heaters, 200-250watt and place one at either end next to the filter intake and return. They work less that way and last your longer.

I have three Dwarf Gouramis and they all seem to be fine. Just make sure they look heathy and active before you buy. With a tank that size though, I'd look into the large number of other types of gourami (most of which are larger than the Dwarf). Check out Blues, Pearls, Golds etc.

Let us know more of what you're thinking and we can keep pointing you in the right direction.

Jwest 11-15-2010 07:22 PM

thanks for the advice on the heater and plants. what kind of substrate will i need for plants? Are the blues and other gouramis hardier? I'm thinking maybe a shool of six turquoise and another school of parkison? And four gourami? will i still have room for a few fish?

SinCrisis 11-15-2010 07:36 PM

gouramis do no school, they are like bettas, they will fight if there are too many. They also enjoy the mid-top region of the tanks. With 100 gallon you can keep bigger gouramis, they get very large, for blues or golds, you might be looking at 3 max

For substrate, any kind of gravel will work, however, substrates like flourite, eco-complete, and aqua-soil are specialized for plants and are high in clay so they slowly release minerals for ur plants saving u from having to dose ferts for the first few months. They will also help your plants establish themselves faster. If you are using normal gravel, the smaller the grain the better. Sand works well if you want it, but you need to turn it manually or get malaysian trumpet snails to turn it for you. Lastly, not for beginners, but soil will also work but requires research and is very messy/difficult to work with.

For 100g, you can fit a lot of fish. You can use the general rule of 1inch per gallon of water. However, some fish produce larger bio-loads such as plecos and goldfish (not compatible with gouramis), and some produce less like neon tetras.

With your setup, a few gouramis for the top will be ok, and for the mid/lower portions, you can think about schooling fish like rasboras, tetras, etc. Rainbows will do ok, some species will not school, others will, threadfinns (personally my favorite rainbow fish) will school shoals of 6 or more are very attractive although if you have too many males they will show a little aggression towards eachother. For your bottom, commonly kept fish are cory cats, theres a huge variety to choose from and they group up and swim very actively, if you have sand substrate, they will dig in it.

Jwest 11-15-2010 07:59 PM

yeah, I knew gouramis don't school. I just don't like how big they could get threadfins look pretty cool.. i might have to go with those. Is there a sand thats not too hard on the wallet you would recommend?

SinCrisis 11-15-2010 08:06 PM

playsand u find at home depot, gets sold in 40 lbs bags, but with 100g, u might need 2. Some plants really like a deep substrate like swords and deeper substrates will allow them to grow really well.

Jwest 11-15-2010 08:09 PM

how do i wash it so it doesn't make my tank extremely cloudy?

burnsbabe 11-15-2010 11:42 PM

That's pretty much it. You wash it. A little bit at a time in a bucket in the yard with a hose. You'll be washing for a while with 80lbs of sand. I'd go with a small gravel mixed with Eco-complete.

I'd say you're looking at three of the larger gourami in that size. Blues, Pearls, or Golds would work great.

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