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tangy 05-02-2007 01:50 AM

my swordtail is big, i mean BIG big
my sword tail is pregnant! this is nice since i have been trying to breed a live bearer for ever. i bought a pot of bacopa carolinina. sorry, i forgot the simple name, yet i have the big one :oops: so the fry could escape, but i also have a 3 way breederdesigned for live bearers. wich one is best? the breeder had an accident some time ago, a guppy was pregnant and it was in its term but it passed away after being in the breeder for 6 hours, yet letting them swim is a big risk, even with plants i really dont know what way to go with this. some guidance on how to go through this would be great. ohh, and no need to rush but it is getting bigger by the second and i swear it looks like its gonna blow.

saint 05-02-2007 08:36 AM

im quite partial to the marbles on the bottom of the tank method. just have a layer or 2 of marbles in the bottom and when they pop them out they will fall between the marbles stoping the other fish from eating them

tangy 05-02-2007 10:32 AM

im having a blond moment here but should the whole tank be marbles or a portion

fish_4_all 05-02-2007 03:14 PM

The plants will help a little but only select few will survive. The V breeders are way too small and do not have enough circulation for proper health of the female. I use a net breeder, the large ones that are like 6x4x4 or there abouts. I do not net the female but get her to swim in the net breeder and then I put some plant sinthe breeder for her to feel safe and for the fry to hide in. Has never let me down and has never caused the death of a [rego female where I have lost 4 in the v breeders before getting the net breeder.

Java or some other moss, Wisteria, or other really dense plant mass will help the fry survive. I actually have a few survive every week and don't want them and I only have a small patch of Wisteria in one corner of a 10 gallon tank. The female almost hides in there to give birth and the smart ones survive.

tangy 05-06-2007 04:42 PM

so my sword tail has not had any fry, or at least not that i have seen. its been almost three weeks since her belly got big, but i have never seen a single fry, she must have had them when i wasnt there and ate them, or simply she didnt have any. BUT i recently bought two three spotted gouramis, large ones, and in a matter of hours i see her belly got kind of big. if you have ever noticed the dark spot on a guppy during pregnancy, that has shown up on the molly. did the gouramis trigger a disease? or is she pregnant yet again, or is she just fat? what do you think

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