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mirdad97 11-15-2010 08:27 AM

Neon tetras
hey, i have in my 55 gal. tank: kissing goramis, red tailed sharks, weather loaches, female bettas, gold fish and guppies. Is there any chance a neon tetra would get along with them? if so can you tell me if they are easy to car 4

Byron 11-15-2010 04:45 PM

Info on the Neon Tetra can be found in our profiles, click on the shaded name to see this fish's profile; the profile section is second tab from the left in the blue bar at the top.

In my view you cannot have neons, or anything similar, in with the fish you already have. You should check their profiles too, you have some potentially very large fish and they are not all compatible.


VTonic 11-17-2010 03:55 AM

No I would not suggest you go that, especially since you allready have some fish that are not compatible

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