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Darren 11-11-2010 08:30 AM

Breeding Tank
Hi this is my first thread I've set up on this :-D

I currently use a 60 Litre tank as my community tank but for breeding or sick fish I have a 12 Litre tank. Do I just simply add some water from my main tank into it and some tap water or is there something else I should do?

Thanks in Advance :-)

thefishboy 11-11-2010 03:19 PM

Do you have a filter and heater in the tank?? It is a good idea to have it set up with the filter and heater to.. Water from and established tank deosnt reallt help it is the hard surfaces in the tank that hold the bacteria, eg plants gravel ornaments glass etc.

small fry 11-11-2010 08:30 PM

Well, if you are thinking about cycleing your new tank with old tank water I have heard that it is not effective. Although this has worked twice in my personal expirence, I would not use this as a reliable method to cycle a tank. I have heard that when it comes to new tanks, you have to cycle them. Confusing, right?

I don't see any harm in useing old tank water in a new tank. The good bacteria colonies are at the gravel and the filter cartridge, though. Just don't forget to de-chlorinate the water coming from your tap.

Hope this helps!

(Edit; sorry thefishboy, I didn't see your post until after I wrote mine)

Darren 11-12-2010 06:31 AM

Thanks guys. See for electricity costs I don't have the 25L running all the time. So as an emergency what would I do to make it suitable for the fish being placed in it?

Chicklet 11-12-2010 08:57 AM

I personally would use already cycled water from an existing tank V/s new water,
It's less stressful on the fish, and they go right to the same conditioned water as they were use too.

As for your filter,
If you can't keep an extra filter running in your main tank for the occasion you need it.
Then simple steal a small amount of media from the already established tank,

(I keep extra floss in all my filters for just this type of thing, Gives me an instant cycle so long as you don't overstock the intended new tank.

Sometimes you can get whats called "a Mini cycle"
when transfering media from one filter to another to set a new tank up,

However Using already established water from your main cycled tank along with the extra filter media will lower the chances of a mini cycle from ever happening, ,
Personally Doing the filter media and stealing water from an already cycled tank I have always gotten instant cycles, The only time I ever got mini cycles is when I didn't use already cycled tank water from a pre existing tank.

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