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trreherd 04-30-2007 07:26 PM

found some critters
So iv been finding more creatures every day. I found these clear sacks of jelly on my glass, about 5 mm long and in the shape of a tooth. You can see there internal organs. I also found these small shrimp looking creatures in my lr. They are clear and about 4mm long. kinda look like small mantis shrimps. I also found a bristle worm but its orange so i dont know if its a bristle worm.
How long intill my lr cures? its been in there for about 2 weeks and im getting impatient. No amonia yet.

trreherd 04-30-2007 08:16 PM

Sack of jelly

caferacermike 05-02-2007 06:45 AM

I have no real idea what is on your glass, Your pic is fuzzy. My guesses: obligate tunicates, hydroids, aptasia, nudibranch.

Puffer 07-26-2007 11:13 AM

I have seen that also from time to time on mine , Mine looks like pink in color with 2 entannas coming from the front, My guess was it was a baby Snail, But i'm not sure it moves quick for something so little :dunno:

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