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DeiRae 04-30-2007 02:27 PM

New Baby Goldfish
Hello! I'm new, my name is Allie.

I got a baby (feeder/common, however you want to refer to it) goldfish a couple days ago because they were giving them away for free in my dorm lounge area for a diversity building event. Anyways...

They gave it to me in a tiny little bowl no bigger than my fist and my fish was gasping within an hour, so a friend of mine gave me his old octagon (1 gallon I think) aquarium and a little bubbler/filter. She seems much happier.

But I have a couple questions-

I've been reading online about goldfish (I've become quite attached) and it looks like I'll eventually have to invest in a huge tank for it? Is that true? Even for a common/feeder goldfish?

And I think she's becoming bored, because she swims up and down along the side of the tank over and over, is that normal? Just up and down, up and down, for like, hours... lots of energy.

Any suggestions? It's probably a little over an inch long including the tail, will the common goldfish like that really get to be huge? Will she not just stay small since she's in a small tank, or is that cruel?

Maybe she would be happier with a friend?

Firebelly girrl 04-30-2007 04:05 PM

Hm, well first, no dont get a friend unless you get a 20 gallon tank, maybe a 10 if you invest in a 20 later =) For 2, even a 10 gallon can get polluted VERY fast, but could be kept up with a lot of water changes.
The constant swimming...could be ammonia levels are to high. Do you have a test kit? Check the ammonia reading and let us know what it is. Non-stop crazy swimming is sometimes a sign of bad water levels, but could also just be normal swimming, hard to say. If you have already become attatched i would go out and get a 10 gallon for the little guy, he will be happier, and you will because you will be able to watch him and enjoy him better when he has more swimming room and is healthy.
Let us know how he does!

DeiRae 04-30-2007 04:17 PM

Sounds good, I will test the water.

Quick question though, - do you think she will be OK in the little tank until I move back home this summer? It's only about a month and a half away, then I was planning on giving her more room to swim. I just don't have room for a big tank right now.

:-/ poor thing, lol.

anemone 04-30-2007 04:22 PM

Hi allie,

Glad to see you have been "Hooked" :lol:

There are plenty of different shape tanks around to suit your accommodation, if possible get the largest you can get (water parameters will be more stable)

I have 3 Goldfish in a 80gallon tank! (You can never get enough room for our fishy friends) :lol:

Good luck with the little fella

Like Firebelly girrl says keep us informed on his progress

cheers :)

Firebelly girrl 04-30-2007 06:27 PM

Yeah she should be ok for a month and a half, but you have to keep up with the weekly water changes or the water levels will sky rocket fast, also another way to help is to not feed her a lot. Goldfish can go weeks without food, so every other day will be fine :D Also keep the filter and bubbler running 24/7, a 5 gallon doesn't have much oxygen exchange but the filter and bubbler should keep it stable.

DeiRae 04-30-2007 08:42 PM

Thanks guys, I'll keep ya posted ;)

I've had a lot of different fish in the past but I think this goldfish is my favorite of all - she seems to have personality. Or maybe I'm just a little weird, lol.

Anywho, she's pretty cute. (Oh, and I deemed it a SHE just for the heck of it.)

Falina 05-01-2007 03:32 AM


(Oh, and I deemed it a SHE just for the heck of it.)
I do that with all my fish unless it's inherently obvious!

She should be OK for that short time in the bowl but TBH I'd recommend changing 20-30% of the water every 2 or 3 days to be on the safe side. Goldfish are big waste producers, and wihtout a filter that would get very dirty very quickly. If it's just a small bowl then small water changes like that aren't going to be much hassle anyway.

Afterwards I'd recommend 20g tank minimum, 30g if you want to keep 2.

Good luck! :)

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