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beckym24 11-08-2010 03:21 PM

Platy fry keep dying - help!

I have a bit of problem with my platy babies and need advice!

A few months ago I noticed that my platies and mollies had fry, i managed to salvage about 9 of them and put them all into a breeding trap in the main tank. The breeding trap is just a seperate plastic compartment with small holes so the adults cant get to them.
I was feeding them powdered up tropical fish flakes every day and they seemed happy and healthy until one morning I woke up and they were all unexplainably lying dead in the bottom of the breeding trap! I can't seem to be able to think of a reason for this as none of them were acting different and they were all lively and healthy. They were probably about a month old and growing well etc.

And again recently I rescued about 8 more platy fry, and the same thing happened after about 3 weeks.

I dont know why this is happening! I have managed to successfully raise guppy fry before though I understand they are somewhat 'easy' to raise.

If anybody can please advise and possibly give me an explaination as to why this is happening that would be great. Thanks! :-)

luckysarah 11-08-2010 04:50 PM

the only thing I can think of is poor water quality.

Mollies in particular are very sensitive to ammonia/nitrites and even nitrates to some degree.

Those plastic breeders do not allow for a lot of air flow, even though they do have holes in the bottom its really not enough and the ammonia can build up quickly with fry. To thrive they really need a separate tank with good water quality, or just leave them in the main tank with lots of plants for cover and hope for the best.

Other then that I don't know what could have happened.

trit0n2003 11-08-2010 05:24 PM

It is definitely water quality.

there could be one of two things from my experience.

1) the bad water quality in the breeder, i always try to clean up their waste everyday with a syringe with a piece of vacuum line attached to the end ( basically a mini gravel vaccum for the little floating breeder things). It could have just got to a level too high and too quickly and killed them.

2) Did you just do a large water change the day before? I had a platy fry tank with LOADS of young platies cause i breed them. I got very busy with work and school over a week and a half and didnt do my water changes that i should for a tank with that many young fish. BUT they were all doing well it seemed, cause i didnt see any of them showing signs of poor water quality. So when i got a chance a week and a half later, i figured i would do a larger water change to make up for the week i sadly neglected their water change. Within literally hours they were all dying off left and right. I did an emergency transfer to another tank to save as many as i could but what happened was they had become accustomed to the water because the levels were rising slowly enough they could adjust and not get sick. SO when i did a large water change, the clean water wasnt what they were used to and they were shocked and died quickly especially since they were so young :cry: bad experience but its another lesson learned

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