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LIF 11-04-2010 07:37 PM

My First Aquarium Pics and Details! Hi Everyone!!!
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Found this site from google search!

I just pulled the trigger and purchased an Aquaripure Small for my 40 gallon tank. I spoke to John today and placed my order over the phone with ease. John was very professional and I am happy with my order.

The Setup
I house a reef system with 12 fish, 1 seahorse, corals, Live rock . (I know Im crazy with 40 gallons and all that fish)

Anyway; as we are all busy in life; I have no time to do water changes as often as I would like to.

1. Im running a canister system (EHEIM 2232) with which contains:(from bottom tray to top)

a. Eheim Coarse Filter
b. Poly-Filter (cut to size)
c. SeaChem Purigen Pad
d. Seachem Renew
e. SeaChem PhosGuard

Protein Skimmer:
Aqua Remora

All in a 40 gallon tank with over 60 pounds of live rock.

(Im a canister guy; dont try to change me to a sump)

I do monthly changes of the chemical filtration from the canister system. I change salt water weekly (5 gallons) from LFS which sells it from their system pre salted.


Phosphate: 0
Nitrites: 0
Nitrates: 80
Calcium: 480
High Range PH: 8.0

My PH always drops to 7.8 daily.

I use the following chemical products:

1. Aquavitro: Fuel (evey three days; a TSP)
2. Aquavitro: Calcification - Weekly (TSP)
3. Aquavitro: Vibrance - Monthly (10 drops)
4. Brightwell Aquatics - Magnesium (TSP bi-weekly)
5. Aquavitro Balance - Every other day (TSP)

Feeding: (daily)
New Life marine Fish 1mm (pinch)
Ocean Nutrition Spirulina Flake (pinch)
Frozen Brine: (BIO-Pure) - 1 cube (pre melt half before placing in tank)
Frozen Mysis Shrip (Hikari)- 1 cube (pre melt half before placing in tank)

Marine Betta
2 Gobies
Blue Tang
Yellow Tang
3x Chromis
Purple Firefish
Small Puffer (does not bother any corals/fish )
Sea Horse

(Ich breakouts clear-up with Ecological Lab Microbe-Lift Reef Herbtana (1 TSP for 10 days, IT WORKS)

many mushrooms
Blue Spruce Caulastrea (7 heads)
Bubble anemane
Orange Lobophyllia
Bubble Anemone

Cleaning Crew
4 Turbo Snails
20+ snails
4 - hermit crabs

Current USA SunDial T5HO 30" 2-10k/2-460nm actinics (4 bulbs total) [w/ built-in timers]
Timer set:
460nm- 8 hours
10k - 5 hours
Photocell-controlled Lunar Lights (blue) set when T5's are not on (come on automatically)

Tank setup in 2009 - April

Romad 11-04-2010 08:27 PM

Gorgeous. Welcome to the forum.

And you've got to post a pic. of that seahorse. Please :)

LIF 11-04-2010 08:55 PM

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Per a member's request.

Romad 11-04-2010 09:03 PM

Wow. That's pretty cool. I've heard that they're really hard to take care of. True?

I'm not a salty but have a 45 gallon hex that's empty atm. I'm toying with the idea of salt. Haven't got the nerve or the bank account to set it up yet tho.

bearwithfish 11-05-2010 07:41 AM

1st and most importantly WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!!!
glad to have more salty's here LOL.. your tank is beautiful and i look forward to your input on various conversations here.....

i promis we will help you heck i will even drive up and bring you stuff!!!LOL

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