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black&whiteclowns 04-29-2007 10:57 AM

bubble tip green
he has been in the tank 2 days know and looks ok but is going inbetween the liverock is this normal socalled ../////// ??? my clown last night was in him taking a bath looks awesome but he is almost althe wat inbetween is it good to leave it alone or move himm again ??

caferacermike 04-29-2007 12:41 PM

It is looking for a safe place to plant it's foot. BTA's are known for being travelers. They will pick up and move whenever they feel like it. For whatever reason the spot it was on may not have been "perfect". They like to bury their foot in sand or wedge them between the rocks. Animals may nip at their tentacles with little or no harm but it is important for them to hide that foot. The spot may have had direct flow, not enough light, it may be hiding from the relentless attack of the clown fish etc.... Keep all pump openings, intake tubes, return tubes etc. screened so it cannot enter them while searching for a place to call home.

germanman 05-01-2007 12:42 AM

yea they like to wander after such a long time i left one of my lights over night and it must have bugged the nem, it has moved under the rocks now and is a different place everyday. they will settle eventually.

black&whiteclowns 05-01-2007 08:44 PM

mine has stayed still but , his foot is still in the same spot under or on the side of the rock

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