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thefishboy 10-30-2010 09:58 AM

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So this is what aquadvisor said...
Is this ok.......
So first question...
I really want to get 5 endler females to go with my 3 male guppys is that ok???
Secondly will the majority of fry be eaten, by the other fish??
Could i put some of the guppy/endler fry in a breeding net and how long could they 'live; in there? Because my mum doesnt want another tank!! So is there any way i could rais the fry not in the main tank without bying to m uch equpiment?? Could i have like a tupperwar box with a sponge filter on top of my snake tank which is realy warm so it would be a heater??
P.S Aaron Combs thes are the questions!!!!!!!!!!!![IMG]file:///C:/Users/Scott/AppData/Local/Temp/moz-screenshot.png[/IMG][IMG]file:///C:/Users/Scott/AppData/Local/Temp/moz-screenshot-1.png[/IMG]

AaronCombs 10-30-2010 11:11 AM

Best way to keep down your fish population if you are afraid ... buy a killifish. they are carnivores like betta's and will keep the fry population in check.

thefishboy 10-30-2010 11:14 AM

Ok, thanx is there any other fish taht would happily eat the fry??
Would it be ok to have all those fish ans just let the platys, endlers etc have the fry and leave them in the tank to let nature take its cause??

AaronCombs 10-30-2010 11:36 AM

you can leave them in, however it's not a guarantee that few will live, the #'s could be greater. Killifish will eat nearly anything they can fit in their mouth.

thefishboy 10-30-2010 11:41 AM

Umm thats what i thought leave them in there and some could be eaten and 1 or 2 survive, or all of them will survive and thats me finished lol!!

AaronCombs 10-30-2010 09:01 PM

lol well unless you put a carnivore in the tank you probably will get stuck with more than 1-2...

If the tank is planted and fry have places to hide... one killifish (I always used golden wonder killifish) will take care of them. They can't eat a lot of the fry everyday so the hiding spots and plants like java moss will help.

You can do betta's however the list of who they like is a lot shorter than killifish.

I used them to keep tabs on my 55's that had swordtails, danio's, tetras, platys, and mollies.

thefishboy 10-31-2010 03:09 AM

Oh k i will defo look into buying a killifish

AaronCombs 10-31-2010 08:54 AM

Ironically I have a contact who uses a piranha as the method of control... It's housed in a 40 gallon tank alone, as it killed the other two piranha's. so she drops the excess fry after a couple months of growing into the tank. It keeps her from buying feeder guppies and comet goldfish.

thefishboy 10-31-2010 09:04 AM

umm not bad idea that means spending alot on pirahnas!!

AaronCombs 10-31-2010 12:02 PM

Yeah I was trying my hardest to get it from them, but she decided to keep it... I was sooo close to getting it for free

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