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shelterpets 10-30-2010 01:13 AM

New Tank Keeper with a few ??s
I got tossed into owning a 29 gallon and i love it. But i have a few questions.

1. This thing came with no filtration. I bought one registered for a 55 gallon. But want to go bigger. What would be best? Looking for a hanging filter.
2. What would be the best substrate?
3. This tank already has 6 corys, 1 female betta, and 2 sydontis'. Overstocked for a 29 gallon?
4. Thinking of replacing current stock of fish. Suggestions? I am thinking livebearers.

Thanks in advance, love the site.


I do know about tank cycling. I did my research before accepting the tank. All fish are doing fine.

burnsbabe 10-30-2010 05:09 PM

If your filter is rated for 55g and you have a 29 then you're fine. The only reason you'd need to replace the filter is if it makes you unhappy in some way other than the amount it's able to filter. For example if you had a sponge filter and wanted an HoB or something. I would definitely avoid upgrading to a larger filter that's an HoB. It'll make A LOT of current as the water returns to the tank. If you really must, look at a small canister. They're great. But I think you're fine.

Stockingwise, you're not overstocked. You're definitely full on the bottom though. The cories should be fine in a group of six. The syndontis on the other hand I can't say about. Syndontis is a genus that several different catfish belong to. Some of them get rather large, others would be fine. I'd be trying to find out exactly what species you have.

The female betta is limiting. They aren't (usually) as mean or aggressive as their male counterparts, but it still limits you as far as other options. I'd run some water tests and find out whether the tap in your house his hard and basic, or soft and acidic and work from there.

If it is hard and basic, I'd lose the betta and then head toward some livebearers as you indicated you might like to. If it's soft and acidic the water isn't the best for them and I'd look into other fish.

Make sense? Good luck.

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