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Calmwaters 10-28-2010 07:32 PM

I need a center fish...
Ok as some of you know by my posts about angels and blue rams I have been thinking about doing some changes in my tanks. Well today when I was looking at my tank I relized I really like my 55 gallon tank and the fish that I have in it but its missing something and I think what its missing is a center piece fish something maybe a little bigger than the rest that will really stand out. I thought about the german blues but they like a lower ph than what I can give them at my new house unless I do the soil base tank that lowers the ph to 6 which I may still do in the 20 gallon long but I am not quite ready to do that in the 55 gallon as it would take a whole lot of dirt and would make the ph to low for some of the fish I have in there. So I need suggestion on a fish that will work with a ph of 7.6 , that does not eat plants and will work with what I have now with out over stocking the tank. Here is a list of the current fish the gourami and neons need a ph of less than 7.6 should I rehome them or do you think they will be ok I just want them to be happy but I will miss them if I have to give them to my mom her house is were the tank is right now and I plan on leaveing the 44 gallon there since she loves it as much as I do and its in her living room?
2 Honey Gourami needs ph 6.5-7.5
2 Peacock Gudgon
3 False Adolfo Cory
3 Flame Tetra I plan on adding 3 more of these as soon as they get more at the LFS
3 Rosy Red Minnow
6 Albino Corys
6 Golden Barb
8 Harliqun Rasbora
9 Neon Tetra needs ph 5-7.2

zof 10-28-2010 07:58 PM

Have you thought about some Bolivian Rams? I just got 2 because my pH is around 8 although our profile says 7.8, you would still have rams then, these would get a little bigger but on the down side they aren't as colorful.

Calmwaters 10-28-2010 08:08 PM

Yes that was one of the fish I was thinking about and may go with since there is a LFS that normally has them but I wanted to see if there were any others that I had not thought of. If I go with them how many do you think I could put in the tank? There are lots of plants to divide territory.

zof 10-28-2010 08:21 PM

I have 2 in a 20 long right now and they seem to be ok, unknown sexes at this point but on occasion they flare at each other, chase each other and on occasion they get in a small skirmish. Then an hour later I will see them both hanging out right next to each other just chillin. I image you would be able to keep at least 3 as long as you didn't get all males, of course its luck of the draw until the males finnage grows out.

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