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VTonic 10-28-2010 02:34 PM

Just a little stress or somehting worse???
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Hello, I just had a quick question regarding my discus. Yesterday I introduced a few more and it stressed this one out just a bit. Today, heís acting strangely, all he does now is hide in his cave until one of the others swims by at which time he darts out to chase the other away. HE NEVER EVER just stays hidden all day. Until today he would always swim up to the front of the tank as soon as I walked by. Anyways, to the point, on one of his times he decided to swim out I noticed this patch on him. Iím 100% certain that it wasnít there yesterday. Is this just caused by the stress or does he now have an infection? If so can you help me to identify what it is so I can give proper treatment? Iíve never seen anything like it before. You will notice it pretty easily. Its the big white ring up, and, behind his eye. Oh and apologies for the blurriness of the photo. He was moving around way too fast for me to get a solid pic. If a higher rez photo is needed let me know and ill see if I can get him to come out long enough to take one.

VTonic 10-28-2010 05:52 PM

Im starting to think Ich maybe. Have any of you ever seen it grow in a ring befor? The growth formation makes me think something fungal perhaps? I dont know.

jeaninel 10-28-2010 06:00 PM

No, it's not ick. Not sure what though. Probably more along the lines of fungal or bacterial.

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