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small fry 10-28-2010 09:28 AM

My bettas finrot is going crazy! Off meds!
Hello. I don't have long to write but my bettas finrot is going crazy! He has had the very early sysmtoms for about 2 months now. He never lost his fins, but they started to fade. Way back he got some very small holes in his fins. They went away, though. Now they are back, but bigger! His fins seem to be rapidly deteriating! He is off medication right now. Another member recommended I not use bettafix. All I have done are water changes.

The only fungus meds I have are really for my other fish, but it might work. The med is Jungle Fungus Clear. I am using it to clear mouthrot in my other tank. I really need help! I've preserved his beautiful fins this long and I really don't want to lose them now.

He is in a filtered 1.5 gallon tank. I will try to get some pics later today but I can't right now.

Please help if you can! Thanks!

redchigh 10-29-2010 10:23 AM

Can you test the water parameters?

Ammonia and nitrite can 'burn' the fins off.

Do you have plants in the tank?
If the tank heated?

Have you tried Aquarium Salt?

small fry 10-29-2010 10:58 AM

Water parameters tested. Ammonia is at .3ppm.
I will apply aquarium salts.
Tank is heated.
No plants. Any suggestions for 1.5g tank compatible plants?

He is not doing any worse today than yesterday, but I fear his condition will worsen soon. He is not behind on his water changes. I have used Jungle Fungus Clear for Tony. He will be medicated with this for the next week (2 fizz tablet applications and 1 water change).

Any suggestions? Thanks!

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