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denrgb 10-27-2010 10:22 PM

Starting a cycle
Well, I don't have the DT up just yet, however I'd like to get the QT cycling while working on the DT. What would be a good way to start this?

Buy a small piece of live rock and have it sit in there till I'm ready to introduce my first fish? Take it out before I do?

I have a freshwater tank thats healthy. Could I let a sponge sit in there for a bit and then move it over to the salt, or is that a big no no since it's a different type of tank?

Anything else I could use to start this instead of waiting for the DT to cycle and taking water form that? I would love to have the aquascaping done in the DT and my first fish in the QT before X-mas.

Arkamaic 10-28-2010 12:25 AM

Different types of bacteria live in saltwater vs. freshwater so the sponge idea would not work. Best thing to do would be to buy a piece of LR and put it in there and then start testing to see the spikes for ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates. That, you some people on here put a piece of raw shrimp in the tank to do the same jump start to the cycle.

bearwithfish 10-28-2010 07:08 AM

two great articles that may help a bit .. but here is my suggestion
set up the DT... get your LR and such going....toss in the raw shrimp (this is standard practice) and let it decay starting your cycle/ maturity process... some where in the DT find a place to hide a sponge or an extra LR that will get seeded along with your main tank... once your readings are all set the hidden piece can be used in the QT...
that said i am a HUGE fan of setting up the QT when in need and storing it away when not being used.. because of this i find no reason to Cycle the QT and just keep the sponge hidden in my tank to get it going again...when in need...
if you have the QT (i assume smaller than the DT) all cycled and a fish in it may take awhile for the DT to be ready for the new guest... so i would focus on that first....that way if any DT issues or crashes you dont have a fish in a tank that is not really set up for long term use...

denrgb 10-28-2010 09:34 AM

Yeah I knew about the shrimp thing, and I figured the sponge in the FW tank wouldn't work (but had to ask). The best way is to sponge the DT I guess, however I was looking for more of a different answer. I'm getting some really nice coral frags by the end of November and need to put them somewhere until the DT is ready and cycled. I have to take them at the end of November or I don't get them, and I'd love to take advantage of getting the frags.

I guess I'll have to try the shrimp idea or just get a few pieces of LR.

I'm seeding my DT dry rock, maybe this will be a good time to get anything bad out of the live rock, before introducing it to the DT.

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