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spike0544 10-27-2010 07:52 PM

Big Problems Need Help
A little background on the tank:
55 gallon community, planted, 2 ex70 filters, 15% water change weekly with dechlorinator and liquid fertlizer, driftwood and slate caves
Original stock (as of two weeks ago):
8 cherry barbs, 8 odessa barbs, 10 cardinals, 2 sterbai cory, 4 panda cory, 1 BN, 2 dwarf gourami
water parameters today:
Ammonia 0, nitrite o, nitrate less than 10, pH 6.8, temp 78

As I mentioned in an earlier post, about two weeks ago I watched one of the gourami attacking the cardinals, as a result 2 died. So, I took one gourami back to the LFS and all was well for about 6 days. Three days ago I lost another cardinal and yesterday I lost a cardinal and a cherry barb. Today I lost another cherry and a panda cory. I did my usual water change today and decided to take back the other gourami.

I am stumped, I hope the gourami were the problems, I guess time will tell. My water parameters have been fairly constant and I hadn't lost a fish until two weeks ago. After the response to my last post I realize the cardinals were a bad fit, but the corys and the cherry barbs have been fine up until this point. The odessa barbs are quite active but they never seem to bother any of the other fish. Within the last week or so the cherry barbs have become more docile, but I see no other signs of stress in the tank.

What do I do now? I thought I was almost done with stocking. All I wanted to do was up the cory cat numbers. Any other thoughts on what could be the problem would be much appreciated.

Byron 10-28-2010 01:08 PM

You may have solved the problem with the removal of the last gourami. The common gourami species are not always the easiest to handle with other fish; individual fish can vary, but one never knows when the fish's true instincts will emerge.

I would let things ride and see if everything is now OK. I agree with more Corydoras sterbai, another 3 would be nice (a group of five works very well with cory species), the 4 panda are OK unless you want more.

I would wait before more cardinals (if you intend replacing these). Something other than the gourami may be their problem.


spike0544 10-28-2010 04:57 PM

Thanks Byron, I always wait for your post before I make a move.

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