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ReneeB 10-25-2010 01:50 PM

Thinking my guppy fry pass on and something else is living in the fry tank???
They are too small to get a photo w my iPhone, and my camera is in for repair :( I have a neon blue female guppy, she had a dozen or so fry last Thursday. They were larger ( I think that is how I remember them) than what is in there now. I had a small 1.5 gallon tank cycling encase my two crown tail bettas ever actually got together and had young. So I moved the fry carefully into there. I kept looking and looking for them, but I thought what I saw was dead guppies. But then there was something else moving around the tank. Since it was 3 in the morning when I moved the fry, I thought maybe I remembered them differently.

What is in there now, seems to be very small, and almost appears to crawl on the glass rather quickly. When they leave the glass, they move quick. They do like to hide. They are somewhat triangle shaped, kind of like a guppy, only super small and white. The guppy fry I thought I caught looked liked little bluish small inch worms. They were at the top of the tank right after the females black spot disappeared.

My 55 gallon that they came out of houses 5 blood fin tetras, 5 scissor tails, 2 guppies, a bristle nose, some cory cats, and a dozen or so kuhli loaches. The sand is out of a creek. It has been running for almost a year now. There is driftwood and it's planted. I know now that snail eggs some how hitched a ride in :( I've been making sure to get rid of them when i find them. Since I moved a moss ball from the 55 gallon to the fry tank, I think I see some slow moving baby snails on the glass too. But these other "things" are much faster. Any thoughts on what they might be, guppies still??? odd worms??? I'll try to get a video, maybe that will show em. I'm thinking not guppies :( If I can find out what the are, maybe they'll make a good meal for baby bettas, but the rate my to are going, I don't know if I'll ever get them.


ReneeB 10-25-2010 03:34 PM

this video is horrible, they are so small and it loaded sideways.. sorry :( you can almost see a white spec move from in front of the rock off to the video bottom

buckmanrules 10-25-2010 03:45 PM

It doesn't look like you have any guppy fry in that tank. Not sure what you might have in there but I'd bet it is asomething you do not want. I'd clean the tank you had the fry in very good and dispose of the water.

Romad 10-25-2010 04:00 PM

My first thought was planaria but i don't know if they move that fast.

Hmmmmm...... that's some odd looking things you've got there.

Check out images of planaria anyway and see if they look close to it.

ReneeB 10-25-2010 04:54 PM

Thanks! I'm going to get out my microscope out and investigate further now that I'm not murdering lil guppies.

The really do look like small Planaria, thanks for the lead. I need to read more, where did they come from??? I was crushing up flake and pellet food for what I thought was fry. I just have not seen them in my main tank.

I think what every they are had to of come from my main tank, but with the piggies in there, not sure anything like that could make it. Maybe they are keeping the population low? I had a ich outbreak after receiving two clown loaches, lost the loaches, but had increased the temperature after a quick cure treatment, and all has been good now for 2 weeks this last Sunday.

If I figure out what those lil things are, guess I'll find out if I need to be concerened with my 55 gallon :( Any suggestions on hunting them down, or a fish that would hunt them down.

I typed my tank inhabits out wrong, been a rough Monday. I have 5 blood fin tetras, 3 scissor tails, 3 glo fish, a dwarf neon blue gourami, 1 bristle nose pleco, 3 black khuli loaches, 7 khuli loaches, 2 synodontus eupterus (getting big n almost ready for new tank), one hybred zebra synodontus , 1 simease algea eater, and a ghost knife fish (small now, but will get larger tank when as he grows)

thanks for your help. I'll get a better video tonight when I can focus the lighting better. I have not seen them in my 55 gallon thou, but with natural sand rock, driftwood, lots of current, I could easily miss em. Anything thoughts on what to do with my 55 gallon?

I'm going to clean the fry tank VERY well, rinse everything. Should I put the moss ball back into the 55 gallon to have them take care of it (hopefully), should I move the driftwood as well back?

Then all that would be left in the fry tank is a whisper in tank filter with the air hose/tube and carbon in the canister. I have the bottom tube where the air hose connects sitting on top of a sponge. I'll change out the sponge and rinse the heater well.

Thanks again. Nothing like finding little creepy crawls, but tis the season ;)

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