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small fry 10-23-2010 06:04 AM

Ember and Lemon Tetras 10 gallon tank?
Hello! I love tetras alot! I am planning on doing some major fish switching soon. Right now I have 2 Lemon Tetras, 2 Swordtails (1 is a fry), and a corydoras (which is going bye bye). I want to remove the corydoras from the tank. I love my corydoras and I've had him since June (when I started fish) but I don't have enough room for him, Swordtails, and Tetras.

Secondly, this is the big question. Will Lemons and Embers school together? Do they interbreed, or follow each other around just like they would with thier own spieces? I would like to mix them. Something like 4 LT and 2 ET. Does anybody with tetra expirence think that will work?

And does anybody think that 2 Swordtails and 6 Tetras (such as ember or lemon) would be over stocking?

I am trying to go from fake plants to live plants to increase the oxygen in my tank. I am also thinking about an air filter setup (that should cost about $15 to $30 dollars, right?) in my tank. Does anybody think with an air filter and plants I would have room for the eight fish?

10 gallon Tank:
4 Lemon Tetras
2 Ember Tetras
2 Swordtails

Does that seem like a problem?

kitten_penang 10-23-2010 10:25 AM

you need at least 6 tetras of the same species but due to your tank size ,maybe 4 of each will work. they will only swimming thighly together if they are scared or normal situations they will ,mostly swim where they want too

small fry 10-23-2010 12:09 PM

So do you think,
4 Lemon Tetras
4 Ember Tetras
2 Swordtails
is a little bit overstocked? Even though I plan to heavily plant my tank and install an air filter (on top of my 15 gallon power filter), thats still a lot of fish for a 10 gallon.

So the Embers and Lemons won't school together? I will need to get a school of both if I want to get both?

It will be a little while before my plants grow and I get rid of that terrible mouthrot, so I have a while to think about it. But anymore Tetras is probably better than only the two I have in with the Swordtails.

Any imput is and will be apprietiated!:-D

Byron 10-23-2010 12:36 PM

First, I would not recommend lemon tetra in a 10g tank; all tetra need to be in a group, minimum 6, and there is not sufficient room in a 10g for a group of tetra that can attain 1.6 inches in length. We have fish profiles here, second tab from the left in the blue bar at the top, and info in each fish profile about minimum tank size, number of fish, compatibility, etc. Check out the profile for Lemon Tetra. You can also click on the shaded fish name in posts to see that profile.

A group of 9 Ember Tetra would be ideal in a planted 10g, along with some bottom fish like a trip of average-sized Corydoras or a group of one of the dwarf species. All these are in the profiles too, under Catfish.

I would not suggest swordtails with Embers, the latter will likely be seen as snacks.

Last comment on tetra "schooling." Tetra like most characins, and barbs, danio, rasbora, are shoaling fish which means they live together in large groups. They technically do not "school" which is mainly a marine fish behaviour, but they need to be in a group for various reasons. While they will live together in different species groups, and sometimes swim together, they must have a group of their own species to be healthy.


small fry 10-23-2010 04:00 PM

Ok. I am thinking of a solution for the Swordtails, but I want to see if I can get a bigger tank (even though today I have $5 to my name that are about to go to plants).

So here is another question. If I remove my swordtails could I just put 4 Lemons and 4 Embers with live plants and air filter? I really love my 2 lemons (alot!) and I want to get them some friends and still have a different spieces of Tetra also.

If that wont work maybe I can get a knew solution. But that is my prefered setup.

Byron 10-23-2010 07:09 PM


Originally Posted by small fry (Post 498380)
Ok. I am thinking of a solution for the Swordtails, but I want to see if I can get a bigger tank (even though today I have $5 to my name that are about to go to plants).

So here is another question. If I remove my swordtails could I just put 4 Lemons and 4 Embers with live plants and air filter? I really love my 2 lemons (alot!) and I want to get them some friends and still have a different spieces of Tetra also.

If that wont work maybe I can get a knew solution. But that is my prefered setup.

I guess I need to explain things a bit more, on the shoaling aspect. Fish such as characins, rasbora, danio and barbs that live together in large groups do so by natural instinct. They feel safer together. Many species have a sort of hierarchy within the groups. Some have a distinct pecking order. When such fish are forced to live in too small a group, it is highly stressful; their natural instincts tell them they need to be with their own species in a group and if not, they are in trouble. Stress causes immune system deficiencies (just as in humans, we now know) which can lead to disease issues that would otherwise never be seen in the aquarium. And recent scientific evidence has proven that "peaceful" fish will frequently become aggressive due to the stress, solely as a result of not being in a sufficiently large enough group or shoal.

This is why I also recommend that aquarists plan the fish they want before buying the tank, filter, light. The size of tank, the type of filtration, and the light should all be dependent upon the specific fish species that are to be housed in the tank. Not all fish prefer water movement, but some need more than others. And so forth.

A group of six tetra is about the smallest that will work, and a few more is much better and more likely to be more healthy. There is simply not enough "space" in a 10g to do justice to the fish. But the smaller species can work very well.

Having said that, if you are determined to have Lemon Tetra, get six of them. Have live plants, dim light, and minimal filtration. And then do a 50% water change every week without fail. And save up for a larger tank; a 20g is minimum size for Lemon Tetra to be at their best. They need--and deserve--adequate space to be themselves.

small fry 10-23-2010 08:09 PM

Man! That sure is disapointing! If I go with lemons I can't do embers, or anything else? That is sad. I don't want my 2 lemons to be sad. I don't want to stock my only 10 gallon community tank with only one spieces of tetra. :-(.

I don't know if I can give away my lemons, because it has had mouthrot (and has it right now). Maybe I should just start completely over? Hmm...I am in a diffecult situation. Can't keep the corydoras because I don't want a "group." Can't keep the Swordtails cause they are 20 gallon tank fish. Can't keep the Tetras because I'll only have one spieces of fish. Can't afford a 20 gallon tank, and even if I could my parents might not let me have it.

Fish is hard!

Are there any other Tetras besides ember that would "group" with the Lemons like thier own kind? Glowlights? Red Flame? Bleeding Heart? Any of them? I would like to keep the 2 Lemon Tetras and have another Tetra spieces that would do well with the lemons, if there is a species that actually interacts with lemons like thier own kind. If there is not than I might need to try something else. Start over:cry:.

I am not trying to be stubborn, I'm just trying to find a solution.

Thanks for your patience!

small fry 10-24-2010 11:20 AM

My goal for GatorSwamp is 2 species of Tetra. I guess it wont work with lemons and anything:cry:.
So reguardless, I will have to lose my Lemons if I want more than one spieces. If I can put anything with 6 Lemons in a 10 please let me know!

Otherwise I guess I just have to give away all my fish:-(.

Just jumping ahead here in case the lemons don't work out, here is my idea for my 10gal. I want 2 fish for it. 1 angelfish and one blue gourami. I know there are slightly aggressive, but they are both slow moving and like to hide right? What do you all think?

Anyway, if the tetras will work I would like to know. That is my first priority.
An I would like to know your opinion on the second.

Any post are and will be appreciated! Thanks!

thefishboy 10-24-2010 11:25 AM

I think the angel fish and gourami are definate no-nos in a 10 gallon tank!!!!!!!!!!!

small fry 10-24-2010 01:17 PM

Yeah, the gourmi and angelfish is pushing it. I figured I probably wouldn't get a good response. But hey, cool fish, it was worth the try.

As for the tetras, I know this is really pushing it but if you use the surface area rule (I don't know what it is officially called) I can put 16" of fish. 6 Lemons and 6 Embers is 14.6. And besides that, I am planning on planting GatorSwamp (my 10g) and installing an air filter.

And I was curious. Did bryant say minimal filteration? I am not very experianced with tetras but, why minimal filteration? And does that include air filter? Should I purchase and air filter? I have a power filter, is that too much filteration? And in a planted tank do I need high nitrates?

I don't know. I am just trying to find a good solution to stocking.

And if anybody has any suggestions including angelfish or gourami I will consider them.

Any imput is and will be appretiated!


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