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bigrift 10-23-2010 04:01 AM

sponge question
i bought a nice peice of lr the other day that was coverd in black red and yellowish sponges. now i know that as a novice to saltwater that the chance of these staying alive isnt very high but iv got a few questions about them anyways. i have a very large turbo snail he mainly stays to himself on the side of my tank near where i feed him alge strips but today i seen him actually not being lazy and cleaning one of my live rocks. after a few hours he decided to explore the new rock and riped a peice of my black sponge to where its hanging by a thread. my question is if i were to take that peice he broke off and attach it somewhere else will it still grow or is it prity much dead now?

badxgillen 10-23-2010 11:08 PM

most ssponges can regenerate from tiny fragments....when i acidently break a piece and want to keep it...i put it in a low flow and low light area on top of or next to a rock...over time it will atach and grow acording to the new micro can do this repeatedly if you find a sweet spot in your aquarium were they grow well...oh and try to do your fraging of the sponge or moving under the water as many sponges are sensitive to air trapped in there tissue...and most sponges dont apreciate light...

bigrift 10-24-2010 12:05 AM

thankes for the info. the peices that i had turned a lil white so i just threw it out jst o be safe. if it wasnt dead but dieing i didnt want anything toxic released if it was infact toxic like iv been reading some are. im really hopeing my red sponges grow onto my other live rock they are a very deep red very prity.

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