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toilofday 10-22-2010 11:17 PM

Roots in funny places. Myrio type
I have some green and red myrio along with something more colorful but similar in plant type.

They are in a 55 gal, hard water, peat filter, 7.5 ph, 6 time release tablets in the tank

Nitrates and nitrites and both in safe ranges.

Anyway, they plants are growing roots out of the side. This is undesirable. My c02 system isn't running just yet because I killed 2 fish with my paintball tank setup in 2 hours. I know, i'm a noob, :(

I'm running 4 24" t5 ho 6000k bulbs. roughly 80-90 florescent lumen's for 55 gal.

My micro sword is doing great. Already expanding within a week. All of the plants are no more than 2 weeks old from cuttings or pots. They myrio's were cuttings.

I'm pretty sure I need 2 more lights, and co2 to fix this, but is the real issues light or co2. I have lights, I don't have regulators, soliniods, needle valves. bla bla bla Ok, I have a needle valve, but it leaks.

Russell 10-23-2010 11:45 AM

They came from cuttings so they are growing roots because they don't have any. They come out of the sides because the plant is programmed to grow its roots at certain points usually nodes. They only way to fix it is time. Once they have established a root structured in the substrate the roots higher up will stop growing and won't grow back if they are trimmed.

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