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Biemowo 10-22-2010 06:01 PM

Banana Plant Propagation
I've had a Banana Plant (Nymphoides aquatica) for a little over a year. After about 6 months it absolutely took off in my unheated, intensely lit goldfish tank. I set up a tropical tank and moved it over about 2 months ago. I removed about half the length of the roots as some were over a foot long. After about a month in the tropical tank it had a massive die out of leaves and it dropped half it's roots.

So to avoid losing this plant that I can no longer seem to find in local stores I want to try to propagate it.

  • I've read that it's possible by letting the leaves mature and reach the surface to form lily pads, then cut the stem leaving 4" or more attached to the floating leaf. Eventually it's supposed to drop roots from the stem.
I tried this with a leaf that was over 2" in diameter that had a 6" stem and it just rotted very slowly from the stem upwards.

  • Another method I've read is to allow mature leaves to reach the surface and then under certain conditions they'll start to drop roots from just below the leaf. Cut at the node and now you have two plants.

Most of the leaves at one point were about 2 inches in diameter on 6 inch stems, but still about 4-5inches from the surface. At it's current growth rate in the tropical tank its going to take 2 years to get the leaves to form lilies...

Does anyone know an alternate way to propagate this dwarf lily?

Byron 10-23-2010 12:23 PM

I have not come across any info on propagating this plant. It is a flowering plant, so presumably would reproduce sexually if one could get it to flower; Kasselmann says many seeds occur from the pollonated flowers.

I will mention what every planted tank authority has written, and that is that this plant does not last long in any aquarium. Most report a year, maybe a bit more, before it either dies completely or becomes very poor.

redchigh 10-25-2010 03:09 PM

Perhaps banana plants like colder water?

I've had a healthy banana plant in a betta jar for quite a while.

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