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fiona 09-20-2006 04:48 AM

tropical or salt water??
i was in a pub last night in the town where i live and they have a HUGE fish tank in there (built into the wall) it looks phat. :D

i cant work out if its tropical or salt water though. they have a pleco in there that is about 20inchs, he is ace but then they have 2 turtels, can they be tropical? :?

they aslo have a really big fish that looks judt like a clown loach but hes prop 20 times the size of mine..........

any thoughts?? :?: :?: :?:

joeshmoe 09-20-2006 11:59 AM

its tropical if its gots a pleco in there :wink:

SimplySplendid 09-20-2006 12:09 PM

Joe is right, it was a tropical. Turtles are freshwater and so are plecos. Although it is rare, clown loaches can grow up to 12 inches in captivity.

Brie :)

fiona 09-20-2006 01:58 PM

brill, cheers guys. its such a nice tank and i was sat there last nite just watching it not talking to anyone!!!! :D

i did think it was tropical but i didnt know you could have turtels in a tropical, thought they would have been salt water.
what sizw tank would you need to have turtels??

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