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AaronCombs 10-21-2010 11:07 PM

Long Term breeding goal... what's your take?
I have some long term breeding goals... it wont be an easy task either. But we'll see if it is possible.

My Goal:
Produce a hybrid species that will reproduce.

Mollies, Platy's, Swordtails and Guppies are the only fish aloud to be interbred. Granted this is a wide range and will should yield a nice stock. Molly/Guppy hybrids tend to be sterile. Must find a hybrid of these two, with up to both other options that yields the goal.

Currently this project has not started production. However it is in research stage.
I plan on documenting this in detail with pictures once it starts.

My first steps will be to start with molly/guppy breed. Along side will try for guppy/platy, swordtail mixtures as well.

Why would I do this?
- to find color, odd, unique fish that I can give away... however they must reproduce in order to be successful. A Muppy or Golly (lol) mixture has intrigued me for years. But the sterile fry is an issue.

My thoughts are to try and locate which fish is causing the sterile population. Either Molly or Guppy. By finding this, I shall try to breed it out of them by mixing the species.

Task at hand wont be short, maturity in these species is 3 month after birth, give or take. With this said each batch will need to be monitored and cared for over long periods. This project will probably take me a few years to complete.

My wife finds it interesting. However my challenge is to obtain as much supplies as possible, at little to no cost. This will be a challenge in its self.

To anyone interested please let me know. In time I probably will setup a website with a blog and what not. For you all to follow. However I will also keep it posted on this site as it's a valuable resource for others.

Well I'm off for now, peace out.

AaronCombs 10-22-2010 05:29 PM

I'll be looking forward to this project. I'll be setting up a filtration sump system to do this. From what I see I'll need to collect 10gallon tanks, to drill them.. for bulk heads.

Until then, once I move, I'll start attempting to breed Molly/Guppy mixtures to see what I can come up with. I want color, so I'll try several mixtures to bring it out. Black Molly's are my favorite however I don't want the black to get involved. So I'll use gold dust mollies, maybe some others. With sunburst guppies... I believe that will be my first batch.

small fry 10-23-2010 06:58 AM

I thought all hybrids are sterile.

AaronCombs 10-23-2010 09:32 AM

not all hybrids are, thats the catch. I've had them in the past. I've had hybrids of mixed species before that were very unique and would reproduce. The strain lasted for over 8 years before a male became tooo aggressive.

Never hurts to have fun and try. Through this research I hope to keep a detailed log of which species hybrids are sterile vrs which are not. Good time lol.

car0linab0y 10-26-2010 07:24 PM


Originally Posted by small fry (Post 498139)
I thought all hybrids are sterile.

I wish. That's why most Cichlid keepers won't have fish of different species with similar colors. Once they mix you've ruined the breed, like with dogs.

AaronCombs 10-27-2010 10:30 PM

I might add in Endler's Livebearers to my acceptable list of species... I'm working on designing a tank system that can filter massive amounts of small 1gallon size tanks, all connected. This will be needed for me so I can separate the fry once they are born, to keep them from seeing other males/females. This will allow me to trick them into breeding with other species... hopefully. Method has worked in the past so we'll see.

AaronCombs 10-30-2010 12:32 AM

Talked it over with the wife... the hybrid breeding community tank will stop once I move. I'm going to switch the 110 to Endler's only. I'll create a colony of them.

Here is my thoughts, Endler's are not that well known to the local area. If I can create a colony, I can provide them to the LFS's. My wife has agreed that when we pick our next house/apartment to live in, it'll have one extra bedroom. Which we'll convert into a fish tank breeding room on a big sump.

No I wont limit to just ender's however I should be able to get 2-3 + different classes of endlers to breed. I'll probably set it so each species has a 55+ tank... as fry pop out, I'll just catch them as they grow up, sort them male and female, and place in 10-20 gallon grow out tanks. This will let me have a nice chain effect. Meanwhile as long as I have the room... I'll work on my hybrid species. Color is the key so Endler's might replace the Guppy on my list. Until further down the blood line. I'd like to see a Black Molly / Endler Class N hybrid... pending the results and fertility breed more in or end it and move on to another combo.

Anyways... I can't wait to find out when I will move... From the looks of it, late Nov (frowns)...

thefishboy 10-30-2010 05:11 AM

That sounds very cool.

car0linab0y 10-30-2010 07:15 AM


Originally Posted by AaronCombs (Post 501528)
... I'm working on designing a tank system that can filter massive amounts of small 1gallon size tanks, all connected...

Overflows. I checked out a LFS I'd never heard of around here before. All of his freshwater tanks went to one HUGE sump. With the overflow intakes you maintain water levels in each tank, and you can valve it to adjust flow evenly.

AaronCombs 10-30-2010 09:21 AM

yes thats the more technical way of saying it. But the bulk heads used would be going into a 1 gallon tank. Most fish stores will drill the tank on the side (some on the bottom) and route the water to the sump, pump up the filtered water then gravity pulls it back down to all the tanks. Add some valves to control water flow and your set.

I've done some debating in my head on how to setup the mass amounts of tanks. If i want to see them long ways or short. Longways is how most people see them. But for massive breeding, would short be better? It could give me more tanks... hmm I'll have to sketch it up and see which I'd like better.

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