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BettaBoy84 10-21-2010 08:38 AM

Marcostomas in a Planted Indoor Tank
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I have my 6 Juvenile Macrostomas in a planted tank at the moment..

They were bred in a large glass aquarium, so I can tell they are enjoying the enclosed walls of the large tub they are in. Also they are not used to the sand cap base and the heavily planted habitat!

I have encouraged the design to resemble and mimic a waterfall pond to better enhance their natural environment.

There are 2 filters and a bubble curtain going constantly. The one corner filter has a custom filter bad in a homemade nylon sac, it is filled with (peat moss/carbon and oak leaves) this "tipple threat" has been dropping the PH with the peat, clearing the water with the Carbon and the Oak leaves (chestnut) have been making the water slightly tanned from the tannins and the PH also drops with this..

Most plants are bought in bunch, but there are at least 8 Different kinds of plants. Some bought from LPS some pulled from my lake and others were bought at walmart, and the do fine under water...
THere is also some drift wood, a lilly pad (3 pads so far) and a few golden myster snails!


kitten_penang 11-04-2010 07:33 AM

wow nice fishes =)

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