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Biemowo 10-19-2010 12:58 AM

Intense water flow is too much
I have a Marineland Penguin 100B filter in my 10gal, its rated for 20gal max so the water flow in my tank is pretty strong. The problem I'm having is the water flow is so concentrated at one end of the aquarium that the fish are never over there, and I cant have any plants there for fear they'll be shredded by the current. How can I maintain the same GPH of circulation and diffuse the water flow? The filter is off to the side of the tank because of hood and power cord restrictions. I've tried adjusting the water level +/- an inch and it doesnt change anything.

SinCrisis 10-19-2010 01:40 PM

plastic water bottle, clean off the label and glue, cut in half, attach to the ouput section of the filter. Should divert your flow and make it easier for the fish and plants. Other option, my personal choice, get a big rock and place it right in front of the filter. It should disrupt the flow enough. I had that filter on a 5g tank. I used a "rainbow" rock, those sandstone ish rocks at petco and the water just flowed right into it and it dissipated. However, the first option is better if you do not want to change your decor or buy something extra.

burnsbabe 10-20-2010 01:42 AM

The previous posters have given you some good mod advice, but I'd suggest that your real issue is the style of filter you're using. The HoBs tend to create a lot of flow at the output.

You could try an appropriately rated sponge filter.

SinCrisis 10-20-2010 12:53 PM

if your talking about the sponge filters that use air to push water, i think you would need a huge air pump to push 100gph... thats a lot of air, and a lot of noise from the air pump. If you are talking about the sponge filters that use a power head, then they create just as much current and you would need to divert the flow of that also.

Redknee 10-20-2010 05:16 PM

On the outtake part of the filter(just where the water comes out, under the lid) you can put 2 pieces of cloth(or sponge) to slow down the water, do not put to much in or it might slow it down to much, play with the cloth/sponge till you get the flow you like. It will lower your GPH but considering the filter has twice the flow you actualy need i do not see that as a problem.
Keeping the sale GPH without having a "whirlpool" in your tank would require some unaesthetic handiwork.
But if you really want the same GPH you can buy a piece of plexiglass and glue it just under the filter where the water from the filter hits the water in the tank. The plexiglass is transparent and it will do the same thing as SinCrisis's bottle idea but a bit more pleasing to the eye. Still unaesthetic but it does the job.

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