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johnnybass 04-26-2007 07:33 PM

Hi all dose anyone know were I can get parts for a customsealife compack power lights system? like a fan & ballast?

Age of Aquariums 04-26-2007 09:11 PM

eBay :D

caferacermike 04-27-2007 04:11 PM

Here is a real life answer.

Custom sea life used Fulham ballasts, check for your specific needs. Just open the box that is attached to the cord and you should find the model inside. The box is just to make a plain ballast look fancy. If no info is on the ballast Fredric can help you based upon the amount of wattage needed. Other places are Marine Depot, hellolights etc. If you know what Fulham ballast you need, you can check Ebay once you have that established. You won't find it listed as "customsealife ballast" . Look up only the specific ballast you need. I was not successful when looking for the one I needed for a project. Fredric had me supplied within 2 days. If you are handy you could figure out your wattage and bulb numbers and wire up an appropriate ballast from any manufacturer. Advanced has a site that you can use to cross the amount of bulbs, lengths, and wattage to find the appropriate substitute.

As for getting a fan, any computer shop will have what you need for $10 or less. Keep in mind that fans come in several sizes so I recommend you take yours with you. A lot of used PC shops will give you as many used fans as you want for $10. The power source is built into the fixture and rarely goes bad. Do not fret if the new fan comes with a yellow wire, this is a speed control for PC's, it will not affect your set up. The harness will still plug into the red and black wires.

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