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bigrift 10-18-2010 10:46 AM

nano reef stock question
i broke down and created a 10g nano reef tank a few weeks back. i used in this tank 16 pounds of live sand for a 3ish inch bed and about 20 pounds of live rock. after 2 weeks i decided to add 3 damsels and a large turbo snail. i know im done with fish i couldnt possibly add anything else and i may be overdoing it with the 3 i have but so far so good water peramiters are holding strong. my question is am i able to add things sutch as hermit crabs and maybe a starfish (was thinking a small brittle star fish) and some more smaller snails as a clean up crew or would that just blow my bioload threw the roof? if i can how many snails and hermits should i get? curently the turbo snail just likes to hang out on the glass near where i feed him the seaweed sheets so hes not really helping in the clean up of anything lol. also the live rock i got was cultured flordia live rock so whats the likely hood anything will grow on it sutch as anemones (they were in a tank with bubble anemones at the lfs) and corals that i cant see yet and how long will it take for them to apear if they are there? thankes in advance =)

bigrift 10-18-2010 07:19 PM

i was just looking in my tank and i noticed this lil work mike thing so i turned off the tank light and waited about 10 min then used a flashlight to look inside and i found a tiny feather duster =D

badxgillen 10-18-2010 09:55 PM

you can add more of both but once all the real estate and food is taken there will need to be supliment in certain food stuffs wich will comprimise water quality...usualy you will hit a max out depending on light and filteration...i have a ten that is similar in that it has three striped damsels and a turbo snail..but i also have about 6 red leg hermits and 3 haloween hermits...some mushrooms and somy zoas...various hitch hiker starfishes as well...i do have to feed extra to keep up with there apitites and i have to do weekly water changes to keep things clean for the corals...but it works...a skimmer here will help much...

badxgillen 10-18-2010 10:00 PM

oh and as you may have heard .....hermits can and tend to comindeer the shells of snails if there shell is apealing...most people opt for one or the other...i keep several tanks with both ...but i know deep down that the snails may be the next on a unfed hermits menu...keep many extra shell for the hermits and make sure they are well can combat some of the nitrates with macro algaes...but some hermits will consume some greenery......

bigrift 10-18-2010 10:32 PM

yeah i went and got 10 hermits 5 blue 5 red and no small snails as iv found a few hitch hikers that are tiny and they seem to have just come out of hideing. about 15 min after i put the hermits in they started digging in my substrate as its a coral substrate with many many shells in it and about half of them have allready found new shells to live in. i have a order of shells on the way for the little bit larger hermits to move into if they need to. really cool to sit and watch and see new things every hour literly thats been hideing deep in the rock (like the feather duster) for the past few weeks. i went ot the lfs and asked who the suplier was of the live rock and i looked them up to see what they used to seed the culterd rock i bought and to my suprise they have all sorts of stuff living in the tank so im hopeing i have eggs or whatever these things like coral and worms and the sutch use to reproduce hiding all over. guess ill just have to keep the tank healthy and clean and wait and see huh!!!

badxgillen 10-18-2010 10:55 PM

nice any pics....sponges are always interesting wich i am sure will pop up soon....

bigrift 10-19-2010 01:03 PM

there will be pics and ill update as i find stuff to i have pics of all my tanks i just cant find the wire to go from camera to comp to upload them... working on it !!!

bigrift 10-21-2010 03:32 PM

today i bought new lights for my tank they are reef sun 50/50 10w bulbs and wow what a difrence from standard lighting. i also bought a really nice peice of lr that was coverd in red black brown and a yellow/bluish tinted hard coral and sponges and it came with 6 small feather dusters hitchhiking makeing it 7 that iv seen so far. also i stired up my substrate and found a few very small star fish (they look like brittle starfish). got a new wire for my camera comeing in the mail so pics will be uploaded =D

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