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Falina 04-26-2007 04:56 PM

The snails that often come on plants, what kind are they?

I have loads of them but have no idea what they are. I realise there are different snails that come on them but there seems to be one kind that does it more often than others.

Steffiweff 04-26-2007 05:03 PM

A pain in the neck is what they are.

My tank was getting over run with them, so I invested in a couple of clown loach. Job's a good un!

Falina 04-26-2007 05:19 PM


TBH I quite like them and I find they're easy to control as they lay their eggs above the water line and they're very noticeable.

Anybody know what they're called?

leifthebunny 04-27-2007 10:52 AM

Mystery snails lay their eggs above the water line.

fish_4_all 04-27-2007 01:08 PM

I only know of one snail that lays them above the water line, like leifthebunny said, mystery snails. It would surpirse me however that they were the ones that hitch hiked on the plants. Ussualy it is a pond snail and they are normally very tiny. Mysteries also are rather large, sometimes the size of a golfball.

Ramshorn pond snail: very distinct curl to the shell without coming to a point. The curl grows over the lower ones and forms a shell that resembles a tightly wrapped ram horn. Get up to the size of a nickel.

Common pond: smooth initial shell that comes to a very distinct point. Not very distinct whorls and stay rather small, not as large as a pea.

Can you describe this little snail a little better? Maybe someone will be able to identify it.

Rue 04-27-2007 01:55 PM

I have both of the above...

I keep them under control when I vacuum...but I have been considering a puffer tank...then I can feed them to the puffers... :wink:

Falina 04-28-2007 05:41 AM

They definitely sound like common pond snails. A picture of them (though not mine but definitely the same type of snail) is:

Hmm, I really thoguht they were laying eggs above the water. I see them every now and again going to the water line and I also see some wee dots appearing. I haven't been removing them because I thought they were eggs, apparently it's just wee tiny bits of leftover flake food or something. I'll have to clean them off now. I feel quite bad, and silly, for leaving this, whether it's food or dirt or what. Ahh well, at least I know noe :oops:

I also have one of these snails that also hitchiked on a plant:

Again this isn't my snail but it's definitely the same type. I only have one of these. Can it breed on it's own or does it need another? I think it might be a trumpet snail but I'm really clueless when it coems to snails so I don't know.

Thanks for your help.

fish_4_all 04-28-2007 01:58 PM

That is a malaysian trumpet snail. You may get some babies if it prego but I think they need two two copulate. Never know, if you got one then there might be more. They hide really well in the substrate and you will a hundred of them before you know it. They are good for the tank though because they keep the gravel loose.

herefishy 04-29-2007 12:17 AM

Look like loach food to me.

Falina 04-29-2007 12:01 PM


Originally Posted by herefishy
Look like loach food to me.

Nah, I actually quite like them and there's not that many of them yet!

If they do become a problem, what type of loach would eat them? I can't have clowns because the tank is 35 gallons. Most of them are actually in my 7g with my betta but clearly I can't put any loaches in there. I think I'll just leave them, as they seem to do a good job on the alage on the glass.

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