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Chase442 10-15-2010 02:35 PM

Killer Tank...?
I received a 35 gal tank from a friend to set up for a home for an African Cichlid. It was used as a fresh water tank and was cleaned before setting it up. I cycled the tank for several days before placing the cichlid in the tank. Not 4 hours after I placed the cichlid in the tank he died. I thought maybe he was stressed from being in a tank prior that was too small for him and that was why he died. Again, cycled the tank for several days, replaced some of the water in it as well. (Mind you the whole time my water levels are testing perfect across the board) I proceed to gather a few new fish and a couple snails. with in 12 hours all fish and 1 snail were dead. I moved the surviving snail to a 10gal tank and tore down the 35 gal. I bought new rocks, rinsed them before placing in the tank, cleaned the decorations with a 10% bleach solution and really worked to make sure they were cleaned and free of bleach. The tank was also scrubbed down well. Set the tank up again, and once more cycled it for days before placing my surviving snail in the tank (with alge waffers so he had food) with in 12 hours he was dead. In the 10 gal the snail was very active.
Any suggestions on why this is happening? I have never had a problem caring for fish before. In my 10gal I can actually keep fish and snails alive, but not the 35.

Redknee 10-15-2010 02:46 PM

What about the filter? Was it new? If not did you clean it well?
What else did you put in the water?(like chemicals).
Are you 100% the tank was cycled? It takes more than a few days for a tank to cycle.
How about ph? Any wood in the tank? Wood tend to "bleed" tannin in the water making the Ph drop like nuts.
Can you post the data from the water tests?
Ph, Gh, Kh, NO2, NO3, etc.
I suspect somekind of poisoning since even the snail died. That is strange as there are ppl who use snails to cycle/keep a tank cycled.
Any lead(Pb) in the water maybe? Did you put in any plants with lead attached to the base of the plants?

Chase442 10-15-2010 02:53 PM

Filter was new as well. The one I was given didnt suck up water so I got a new one. The tank cycled for over a week each time.
ph levels were fine, everything kicked back normal in the testings. (Sorry Im at work so I dont have the data from the water tests right now) Each testing every time (tested at set up, after cycling for a week, and each time I noticed the fish died) all came back in the correct normal ranges.
Theres no wood in the tank either.

Redknee 10-15-2010 03:08 PM

Post the data as soon as you can, it might help us find the problem.
How about lead as i said? (Pb or plumbum). That is known to kill living stuff be it in water or not.
Did you use any chemicals to "help" the tank cycle? Water aditives or stuff like that?
Is it planted tank? Do you have any plastic/other material decorations?
What about ferts? Or co2 injection?(via co2 bomb or any other co2 induction systems).
The more data you give us the faster we can find out what is wrong with that tank.
Oh... do you have a heater? What is the water temp in that tank?

Chase442 10-15-2010 03:19 PM

Temp held at 76 degrees. no heater
I used Tetra Easy Balance. Used their stuff for years.
I have this dragon in the tank Top Fin® Balinese Dragon with Airstone Aquarium Ornament - Décor - Fish - PetSmart with an air pump set up to it.
No CO2 injection systems.

Calmwaters 10-15-2010 03:42 PM

First Welcome to the forum second I am thinking your tank really was not cycled. The only ways to cycle a tank are by adding trace ammonia, placeing one or two fish in and doing a fish in cycle which is not recommended because it is harmful to the fish, or my favorite just fill the tank with lots and lots of plants add a couple fish check water parimeters then add more fish slowly as long as water levels stay good. You can read more in detail about the cycleing here:

Redknee 10-15-2010 03:43 PM

That easy balance it not really needed and it's not really good to use.
Don't use it anymore. Take the dragon out also, not sure what it is made of and how toxic the material used in it is.
Wash the tank really good, wash the filter, sand, whatever else is in the tank, wash the filter media(whatever is in the filter) do not use any carbon filter(in case you have carbon in the filter just take it out). If you have plastic sand or some sort of colored sand change it with natural sand as you never know what they use for the color.

Chase442 10-15-2010 03:47 PM

Whats in the 35 is almost identical to the 10 though. The dragon and a live plant were the only difference. 10gal has the same brand of rocks, used the easy balance in it as well, new filter system thats the same brand. fish thrive in my 10 gal, even when I was battling high ammonia levels.

SinCrisis 10-15-2010 03:49 PM

i hope you didnt wash your rock with bleach, but if you did thats your culprit... Otherwise its probably your cycle.

Chase442 10-15-2010 03:52 PM

No I did not clean the rocks with bleach...

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