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rsheets 10-14-2010 10:25 PM

were to buy?
I have delt with live for a while but is there another good source for buying fish on line?

Calmwaters 10-15-2010 02:27 PM

There is a guy that I have bought from several that sells on that I would highly recommend his prices are very resonable and he has a large variety his seller name is wetspotcx. He emails me a stock list every month that has everything he has avaliable you maybe able to go on aquabid and send him a message and he could send you a list.

Mikaila31 10-15-2010 08:44 PM

Well what are you looking for? I normally deal with importers that carry much harder to find fish. If your looking for common stuff then IDK where to go.

rsheets 10-19-2010 11:49 PM

Normal stuff mostly. The warantee is one of the more important things for me.
What do you mean by importers? How do I find them?
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AO2JZ 10-20-2010 10:21 AM

Im also curious as to where the best place to buy fish online would be. Not to hijack your thread but Im looking for Boesemani Rainbows. Everywhere I call tells me to "call back next tuesday". Its been over 4 weeks of calling and them not having any. I know They have 2 adults I would rather buy them all the same size though (4-6). I just want to find a reputible place that will stand by their live on arrival guarentee. I havent bought any fish online, ever. How is live aquaria? What purpose are you looking for another web site?

rsheets 10-20-2010 07:10 PM

The survival rate is not that great with live aquaria. They will give a refund though. I would just like to buy from a place that has a better quality. Longer lasting. Last time I forgot to call by the 15th day and had to eat all the ones that died. That stunk!

VTonic 10-26-2010 11:57 PM

I have personally never orderd fish online as i get all of my stock from my LFS. Ive always heard is supposed to be good. Could you possibly get your local LFS to order what you want and have them call you when the delivery arrives? I would just pay a few $$$ extra and let them do the leg work. Also, stored have more options than the aveage joe and can probably get you more healthy fish from a distributer that they personally use.

Mikaila31 10-27-2010 01:57 AM

Like I said I normally use importers, but the thing is that they are not like most sites. My main one is generally just ordering though email and you will rarely see a pic of the fish. They are both good though and I know they would not ship out fish unless they were in good shape. Importers buy fish from other countries into the US, you need a special license to do so. Franks specializes in mostly small fish and uncommon species. Anubias design uses a pretty unique method of just posting the available fish list from the importer for viewing. You simply say what you want and if there is enough interest in a certain species it will be brought over. Enough people have to be interested since they normally come in 100ish numbers. You don't see the common stuff at least once a year a very rare fish shows up or a new species. Most of its just a latin name, size, and price. When he does carry common things they are normally very high quality fish. For the one looking for Boesemani(I got 11 of those things;-)) anubias design does have them ATM. Ones that were imported for $5.50 each, and then a VERY high quality line from very well known breeder Rosario Lacorte for $22 per pair. You would have to email him for shipping, but since he's more northern it would probably be express since its getting quiet cold up here. Sometimes at sellers discretion priority will be guaranteed depending on lots of factors. Last box I ordered from him took 4 days and I almost thought it was lost. Last fish I ordered were from him and took 4 days in the mail, but arrived 100% alive and kicking and still are to this day.

rsheets 11-03-2010 11:46 PM

Well I placed a live aquaria order. Again, lots of deaths with the cardnals. I ordered 20 and after one night have 3 left, 8 were doa. Everything else is ok so far. The cardnals seam to be hangin with the neons. Is that normal? I would like it if they would continue.
The other place was has anyone had exp.. with them?
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Mikaila31 11-04-2010 08:18 PM

I am curious how exactly are the fish from live aquaria shipped? next day? overnight? priority? How exactly are the boxes packed with the bags? How many fish in a bag? heat/cold packs or no? outdoor temperature?

IMO that many deaths is completely unacceptable if the box arrived on time. I've never ordered from live aquaria and never intend to, there are a lot better places to get much better quality fish, often not for much extra cost. IMO the 14 day guaranty is totally unnecessary.

I've never used, but looking at the site they seem to be quite expensive. I mean the whole point IMO is to buy online if it is cheaper then the store or simply unavailable at your location, also for better quality fish.

I've already told you where I would/do order from... Anubias design ATM has large cardinal tetras for $1.50 each and they are wild caught fish. ATM he as a ton of awesome fish, with a lot of the ones on my wish list:-?. scarlet badis, 9 species of licorice gouramis!, black darter tetra, and a few kinds of microboraras for starters. There was some more stuff but its gone already... It doesn't help that the local aquarium club just placed a group order from him and I got no room or cash ATM for more fish:-(.

I cannot really say how important I feel it is to buy fish from someone who actually is into the hobby and not a huge wholesaler or chain, that operate for profit only, if you are going to go to the trouble of ordering online. This is why I recommended the places I did. They are run mostly by individuals, who are deep in the hobby. Mark the guy who runs Anubias design often goes to large aquarium society events, and I know he has given a speech to the local Minnesota aquarium society here at least once.

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