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denrgb 10-14-2010 09:47 PM

denrgb's 180G Build
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Well after tons of learning and changing minds etc. I'm going with the 180. It will be delivered Saturday and the first shipment of parts n things came today. The misses and I are pretty excited about it!

Pics of the stuff we received so far! ...and the Q tank/stand/filter. Got the salt in too, but thats boring.

More pics incoming this weekend of the tank and whatever else comes. The sump is still being built so that might be a bit yet.

We also joined the local reef aquarium club in our area and our first meeting is tomorrow. It looks really cool. We meet at the local zoo in the aquarium building. I'll let everyone know how it goes.

badxgillen 10-14-2010 11:10 PM

cool cool....glad to hear from another reefer...i wish there was a coral lovers congregation here...are you doing corals?

bearwithfish 10-15-2010 07:34 AM


Originally Posted by badxgillen (Post 492823)
cool cool....glad to hear from another reefer...i wish there was a coral lovers congregation here...are you doing corals?

we are buildin slowly LOL..

congrats on the gear!! i will follow along and look forward to seeing your build!!!!!!!!!!!

denrgb 10-15-2010 08:34 AM

Yeah, we'll be doing corals a little bit later. I kind of want to master building this thing and learning fish first. It will be a FOWLR in the beginning, and keeping the fish reef only fish, etc. However, next month there is a "frag-a-thon" we're thinking about going to. It's $40 bucks and there are 8-10 workstations on how to cut and grow coral. Any coral you cut you can keep, so 8-10 corals for $40, plus learning about frags. I REALLY want to take advantage of this, but I don't know where I can put the corals until my tank is ready. I'm going to try getting a friend at a LFS to hold them for me for a bit. I don't know what else to do. It might be a little bit before the Q-tank is ready for anything, even if I set it up this weekend and get a good light for it. Either way I have a month to get something set up.

Another thing I'd really like to do is make a pod farm. I'd like to have two goby's, and I don't think my fuge is going to be big enough to produce enough pods for them. I have also heard about how expensive pods are. I have to look into that as well.

bearwithfish 10-15-2010 08:50 AM

search pods here there was a thread a little while ago that talked about that and a good way to fam them was in there as well... i dont recall the thread ATM but if i find it i will post a link .... it was very informative...

bearwithfish 10-15-2010 09:12 AM
here it is it took me a bit to find it LOL

denrgb 10-16-2010 05:58 PM

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It came!

The guys delivered it and we were lucky to have an awesome 65 degree day today to leave it on the deck for painting. Off I went.

Here are the pictures of it arriving and the painting of the DT and QT. We were able to get it into the house after some coats of paint. There it sits for now. Time to start working on the plumbing plan, and getting the Q set up as soon as the RO comes and gets installed.

Still waiting on the sump, skimmer, and rocks, etc. Should be around sometime at the end of next week. Pretty exciting! Lets hope we don't waste too much money screwing anything up.

Also, the meeting was great. Learned a lot about fragging and won a gift certificate to the LFS. Gotta love that. Could have had the chance to win a ton of frags, but I don't have anywhere to put them at the moment.

badxgillen 10-16-2010 11:39 PM

nice looks good without the fish in it ...i bet you just cant wait...

Pasfur 10-17-2010 07:48 AM

A word of advice, given the hardwood floors. I would make certain that you have a tight fitting lid on that sump to prevent salt creep and splash. Or perhaps have a backing to the stand, with ventilation, to prevent salt from being thrown out the rear of the stand.

Do not underestimate the ability of salt to escape and ruin your beautiful floors!!!!

denrgb 10-18-2010 10:05 AM

Yes badxgillen, it's killing us. I have to be patient though waiting on things to come in and making sure I do all of this the right way and well.

Thanks for the tip Pas. Already thought of this :D I'm going to silicon some acrylic to the back and split the inside into two sides so it doesn't splash on any wires or equipment/tools I have under there. I didn't think of venting it though. I guess that would be smart. Maybe I'll see if I can find anything at the DIY store that may work well.

I also used to work for Intel in marketing. I have TONS of advertisement mouse pads that the glued on tops rip right off of. I'm thinking that might be perfect for my sump and/or return pump to sit on to reduce noise.

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