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HeXoM 10-14-2010 03:23 AM

Need to choose pump
Hey fellas, I had some help with a tank I wanted to drill and customize but I found a place that will make my life easier and my pocket lighter lol

So, I just ordered my custom 50G Tall tank from and it should be here in about 2-3 months. I ordered a little late :scry:
I might as well start making my stand and getting everything i need before it gets here.

I need some help deciding which pump to get for my return.
The overflow thats built in rates at 500gph on a 1" bulkhead. Does that sound right, I've herd 600?

I'll be having a 20 gallon long refugium, with a skimmer that works at 500gph.

But I'm not sure what return pump I should get, more like which flow rate i should be returning when my return is a bit complicated.
I was thinking of getting a Mag Drive 9.5 with a ball vavle, but is that overkill?
Because I feel like I would have a lot of head pressure.

Look at the example i drew up and tell me what yall think?
The return is going to 3/4" by the way.

bearwithfish 10-14-2010 07:35 AM

when you build the return plumbing you just T off above the pump back to the skimmer section and put the ball valve on that pipe (heading back to skimmer. use this valve to choke the flow and regulate (or tune) the flow to the tank.. the benefits are that you get the water skimmed a bit more and you done throttle down the pump to much which will eventually burn it out...another added benefit is if you ever need to kill the flow to the tank for some reason you dont have to shut down the sump and the water recirculating in the sump will hit the skimmer more also ...

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