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Calmwaters 10-13-2010 06:00 PM

If I had $360.00 it would be mine...
I thought this was so cool looking I would love to have it. Of course I would never put anything on it because I would want to see the fish. LOL
New Aquarium 36" Coffee Table

SinCrisis 10-13-2010 07:07 PM

i had an idea the other day that has a table with a tank as the base and one on top near the edge. One would waterfall into the other and u can sit around the waterfall as the centerpiece. the filter would be under the top tank and act as a pump for the waterfall...

Calmwaters 10-13-2010 07:16 PM

That would be awsome! I love waterfalls and I love fish tanks. LOL

Romad 10-13-2010 08:33 PM

Me want!!

Mikaila31 10-13-2010 08:45 PM

Na... I've seen those before. Thats like what 20 gal maybe? Very poor design for a functional tank. You could make a much better one that is square. You still lack a light. If you heat the tank for tropical your going to get a ton of condensation on that top pane of glass, which kinda ruins the whole point of seeing the fish.

Calmwaters 10-13-2010 08:47 PM

Well like the add says it can be yours for only $360.00 comes with filter and instruction manuel and even three fake plants. LOL

SinCrisis 10-13-2010 09:14 PM

I wanna know how u feed your fish... do u crawl under and stuff the food into a slot?

Calmwaters 10-13-2010 09:22 PM

Mmm that is a good question. LOL If you look at the picture real close it looks like the actual top is raised with some room between it and the tank that would fix the condensation problem and maybe thats were you would put the food in to.

StampedFish 10-13-2010 11:45 PM

That looks really cool, I saw a picture online were a whole row of office desk had a huge 14 inch wide fish tank the ran down all of the office desk

SinCrisis 10-14-2010 07:22 AM

that must be so distracting for workers..

"So now all i need to do is file this re- ohh look at that fish! wait, what was I doing?"

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