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Bubbledancer 10-13-2010 05:36 PM

Had to separate my bullied angel
I've got 3 angels, I've had them for at least 4 years, since they were tiny. (I had 4 originally)

When they were small, we nearly lost the smallest one, but it fought through, and we still have it now.

4 years on, and it's still the smallest, probably only 2-3 inches tall in the body. But the smallest one is also the bully.
Most of the time he sits towards the back of the tank by the heater, and the darts out and attacks the other angels - especially the largest one (about 4 inches tall in the body)
(FYI We also have a 7 inch gibby and 3 rainbowfish)

Last week I came home to find the largest angel sitting on the bottom of the tank looking very sorry for himself, and his pectoral fins had pretty much been totally bitten off. He's been bullied by this small angel for a while now, but not to this extent.

I immediately got my old small tank out of storage and filled it with tank water from my large tank. I also started up an old filter and put in some Filter Start. OK. not ideal, but had to do something quick!

He's been separated for about a week now. His fins are starting to grow back, but he's not eaten at all yet. Otherwise he seems OK, just looks a bit sorry for himself.

Do you think I should try some more tempting food than flake or premium?

Once he's better should I put him back in the big tank?

StampedFish 10-13-2010 11:56 PM

Yeah It is worth a try, Just keep an eye on them. Moving the tank setup around and putting in new plants and rock may change the pecking order. I have 3 angels and have no trouble. They all get along. Sorry about this.

Bubbledancer 10-16-2010 01:00 PM

The good news is that his fins are starting to grow back. Not just stumps any more.

But the bad news is that he's still not eating. Frozen bloodworms haven't even raised his interest.

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