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catfishtabbi 10-10-2010 10:51 PM

which is true for orandas?
Hi , its been so long since i've posted lets see... i was using vendors drinking water to do my water changes and it was so great but now ;since i can't carry the heavy water containers, i have to use tap water which has a ph of 9+ mediun hardness(i assume due to the ease of lowering the ph with peat extract) i don't care to adjust my water by the gallon so i am considering changing my entier tank to a red cap oranda set up, i've always wanted to but heres my hang up i find alot of conflicting information like the forums suggest a higher ph 8.6 ? but pet stores stay firm at 7.2 and thier fish do look good as well as grow quickly. They also have said that they are hearty fish and that i could simply do a water change with unadjusted tap water and that it should adjust itfself without negatively affecting the fish. I assume with the large amount of waste these fish give off i will have to do either two small or one large water change a week,do you think this method of water change is safe enough for red cap orandas and which ph have YOU KEPT YOURS in ? Thanks for any help, really need to know which is safest, remember tap water is my only option.:?:

Lupin 10-11-2010 05:55 AM

All goldfish require alkaline water as the acidic water forces their slime coats to peel off. I've kept mine in a pH 8 and above.

catfishtabbi 10-11-2010 06:13 PM

Hi lupin, 8 is approx where my waters hanging at. I have no faith it will stay there tho. As i do water changes ammonia present or not it has to shift eventually. I"ll try it and see how it goes.I think i'll do 2 water changes a week with only 10 gals this alone will take me long enough!I found a petstore in boca that has hand picked , smiling goldfish, they"re so cute!

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