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Kwtblack 10-10-2010 12:50 PM

Discus fight ?
okay so there is video while i was checking my channel so i decide to share it with you guys

there is something strange i saw from my discus when first i bought second discus blue diamond

but this from long time ago , sometime when other discus get close or he gets close to others he do this ,
the store told me he was playing ???? :|
i don't mean he do it always sometime in now days , like when he going to pick up the food other discus steals that food and he gets pissed off and push them :-P

aunt kymmie 10-10-2010 01:40 PM

That isn't "playing" but it is typical cichlid behavoir. Discus can be just as nasty as any other cichlid, especially if they aren't housed properly. The minimum number of Discus to be kept in a shoal is six, which is what nearly every Discus keeper will recommend. I started with three, added two more, and it wasn't until I had eight that all the infighting and aggression was spread out amongst the shoal, giving the tank balance. All it takes now is to remove one (my Red Turk had to go to QT for an eye injury) and that really upset the apple cart. They are working it out but Discus are cichilds, through and through.
You only have four Discus in your tank so inevitably one of those fish is going to be singled out as the whipping boy. It looks like your Blue Diamond is the current whipping boy.

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