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Freddy 10-06-2010 05:38 PM

New pleco
I got a new pleco today. He's really small - only about an inch and a half, and so cute! It brings back memories of my first plecos... that whole year and a half ago!:lol: The little guy was darting around the tank for about the first 30 seconds after I put him in, but he's good now, just sucking on the back wall. I had really hoped it would get the driftwood, but maybe it will once it's bigger. For now, my magnetic algae scraper is on limited duty while the pleco gets the glass, but it may be too small to get every single bit of algae. Once it grows it will be better.

Should I have also (or instead of the pleco) gotten a columbian shark catfish? (I think that's what they were. From the pics they look the same.) The lfs guy said they get really big, but so do plecos. Idk which would do a better algae cleaning job. Older columbian sharks dont have that same look about them that the little guys do, but plecos look pretty much the same throughout their lives.

Spooki 10-06-2010 07:04 PM

Assuming the Colombian shark you're referring to is Hexanematichthys seemanni stick with the pleco if you want an algae eater. CSCs do not eat algae and require brackish water (marine as adults) and are schooling. They're a lot of fun but quite a bit of work.

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