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kitten_penang 10-06-2010 02:31 PM

one month plus plants and tank update
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hope you like it :BIGwinky:

LisaC144 10-06-2010 02:34 PM

That is ridiciously awesome! Makes me realize i need to post updated pictures as well. Well done, my friend!

kitten_penang 10-06-2010 02:35 PM

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kitten_penang 10-06-2010 02:37 PM

thanks lisa you know we always like pics lol

thefishboy 10-06-2010 02:40 PM

wow thats very cool, hope mine turns out good!! wat size is ur tank and the occupants???

kitten_penang 10-06-2010 02:46 PM

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it's the 104 remember this tank.. yeah i know it looks like a joke when i started out din't it :lol:

thefishboy 10-06-2010 02:47 PM

wow big differance i sort of liked it with less plants!! I like simple things lol, what fish are in there?? :-):-):-)

kitten_penang 10-06-2010 02:53 PM

well the plants kinda grew and i added a few more i need to do some gardening lol. well i have danios, betta, black neon, guppies, otto, penguin fish,albino plecos,all sort of cory's, albino plecos,banana shrimps, RCS, ghost shrimps i think thats all

thefishboy 10-06-2010 02:56 PM

wow thats is so cool sorry for all the questions bit wat size is it?? (gallons)??

kitten_penang 10-06-2010 02:57 PM

104 gallons.

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