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solareclipsed 04-24-2007 03:59 PM

something wrong
I have a community tank and one of my giant danios about 2/3 the way back the scales are sticking out and it looks like there is blood on the side of the fish. It has been like this for a couple days now and I was just wondering if anyone could have any idea what it is and is it contagious to the other fish. I would try to catch him but my tank is heavily planted and he is fast.

Falina 04-24-2007 04:00 PM

Does he lso have a large belly? Protruding scales can be a sign of dropsy.

Else, my guess would be that he has injured himself.

Do you have a picture so that we can tell better what is wrong?

JouteiMike 04-24-2007 07:14 PM

Try and remove him ASAP.

What are the water parameters?

Is the fish acting any different? Like staying in one spot, rapid breathing, difficulty swimming, loss of appetite. Is he bloated?

solareclipsed 04-24-2007 09:46 PM

I have not tested the water yet so I dont know about it yet but as far as the belly it does not look bloated, the scales are only flaired on about half of one side of his body with what looks like blood where they are flaired. He is still swimming around alot but on occasion he does stop and just stay in one place for a while and then starts swimming again like usual. He seems to be eating the same as always......
As I was typing this I looked over and now see another giant danio with the same thing only a smaller area right now. This one is still swimming rapidly like normal. I will try to get a picture tomorrow and try to post it.

solareclipsed 04-24-2007 09:49 PM

Also is dropsy contagious? Is there a cure?

I also had a bolivain ram die the other day just out of the blue did not show any signs of sickness or nothing until the day before I found it dead. The day before it was just laying on the bottom or would swim around for a minute and lay on a leaf of a plant and the next day it was dead....It did not have any flaired scales or anything so I dont know what was wrong with it.

Lupin 04-24-2007 09:53 PM


Originally Posted by solareclipsed
Also is dropsy contagious? Is there a cure?

It can be transmitted via cannibalism if it's a case of bacterial infection. It is almost impossible to cure dropsy and most cases with protruded scales need immediate euthanasia.

solareclipsed 04-24-2007 10:17 PM

well I just spent the last 10 minutes with the help of my wife with a net and me with 2 nets chasing down 3 giant danios. I finally got them all out because I noticed all of the danios had it but I do not see it on any of the other fish. I guess I will just watch and see now to see if any of the other fish get sick.

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