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equine731 04-23-2007 07:12 PM

Im Back...And have another question
Ok so it almost been a month since my molly fry were born. Im down to 3 who are doing well and are growing great. Theyre all from the same mother to an unknown father since she dropped a few days after I got her from the fish store. 2 are bigger then the 1 other. So I was wondering, the mother whos color is sort of a brownish grey with black spots had the babies and like I said no clue who the daddy is but if my moemory serves me correctly the fish in the tank with her were all black and whites dals and a few her color. The 2 bigger fry are still a sandy grey color just a little lighter then the mother and are solid while the smaller of the 3 is the same color but has been developing spots like the mom. NOw since I know theyre all the same age I think its interesting only one is spotted and the other 2 thus far are solid. Is there a chance thier color could change to white or maybe even orange or do u think by now at almost 1 month old thats pretty much the color they are going to be. If anyone has any personal stories about thier mollys fry and what they grew up to look like same or wayt different from the paretns any and all info would be appreciated. Thanks again and good to be back!! ~Peter

Lupin 04-23-2007 08:11 PM

The molly fry will have different color variations as they mature. Their fathers are likely to be different variations when the female was kept in the lfs. Note that the parents of their parents as well contribute to the genetic lines.:) I still cannot say anything about dominant and recessive genes.:quiet: I know nothing about that so I based everything in general that even their grandparents play their role to the appearance of several generations to come.8)

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