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dudewheresmyfish 10-02-2010 05:31 AM

Blind Kulhi Loach and Ancistrus?
Just a couple of questions.

I added 4 black Kulhi loaches to my aquarium yesterday (in the tank already was 6 ottos and a bristlenose). Noticed that one Kulhi has no eyes, probably been attacked before. He has white on his gills and fins (not spots, like scar tissue) and was having a fish version of an epileptic fit yesterday. Seems to have calmed down now but still swims weird and occasionaly looks like he is biting his tail doing a cannon roll thing. He is out in the day which also seems a bit strange to me. Anyway. Not quite sure what is up with him, whether he is just recovering from previous damage or what not and whether he will be ok having no eyes. :s

Secondly, my girlfriend has a little tank with an albino bristlenose and a few cherry barbs. My larger tank has a common bristlenose. Well her albino has grown a lot bigger than my common, yet my tank is full of algae, is bigger and both tanks have the same parameters. Strange that. Is it possible that mine just wont grow?. He has a full stomach and colours are all bold. The tank is full of river stones and caves and plants. All natural. PH 7 Ammonia 0 Temp 27.

Thanks guys :)

dudewheresmyfish 10-03-2010 05:28 AM


Found Common Ancistrus dead this morning. Had no signs of illness. I guess it had a digestion problem due to stunted growth. Always had a full stomach but never saw it poop.

Kulhi loach still in a bad way. Now keeps swimming to the top of the water then floating to the bottom. No idea what this means.

Ottos are all fine and parameters are good. :s

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