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cballas 09-29-2010 01:46 PM

Jager Heater Question
I put a 50W Jager vertical heater in my 10G...Is the red light meant to stay on ALL the time?
Or only when it senses the temp has dropped below what I set it at on the dial (80) ?
It glowed for 5 minutes then went off.
I unplugged it & plugged it back in & it didn't go back on again.
How long does it take to heat up? Temp still 78.1-2 according to CoralLife digi, it's been on 30 mins.
Thanks :)

zof 09-29-2010 07:50 PM

The light should only come on when the heater is on and heating the water, you also have to remember the thermometers we use and what are in the heaters have an accuracy variable possibly of 1.5 degrees (more or less depending on the brand) so you water might actually be 79.6 or anywhere in between, and your heater might consider that 80 degrees, I know the new Jagers have the ability to be re-calibrated but this is unnecessary just adjust your thermostat on your heater to what you feel is 80 degrees if that is where you want your tank. I also have a aquaeon heater that is set at 72 degrees but the temperature is actually somewhere around 78.

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