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bigrift 09-28-2010 02:07 PM

other fish with my cichlids
ok so some of you know that i have 2 JD's 1 firemouth (one just passed away =(...) and 2 convics with a bunch of fry in a 55g tank. i recently seperated the 2 covicts with a screen and left mama with the fry in her own little spot so my othewr fish would be able to use the tank and not the top corner of it lol. anyways i added a giant danio to the tank just befor adding the screen to see if a target fish would help and it didnt but i left him in and its been a week and to my suprise he has befriended my JD's. he sits in the den with them and everything they even go get him food when i feed um. all the other fish in the tank seem to like him also. so heres my question.... i was thinking of adding a few tiger barbs to the tank maybe 5 or so to add to the color and sutch. as iv read the tiger barbs are semmi agressive and like the same type of water the cichlids do. my JD's and other fish are still small so i know atm this will probuly be ok but as they get bigger they will eat the fish but that wont be for a while. so what do you guys think? any sugestions on any other fish i might be able to add?

burnsbabe 09-30-2010 12:38 AM

I think that you're better off letting these guys grow up and not filling up the tank any more. As far as I know, once these guys get nearer to adult size I think you'll need to split them up as is, without adding any new fish that might get eaten later.

That's not really good, is it?

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