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dorabaker 09-26-2010 12:57 AM

i finally caught my elusive goldifish!...but some bad news
some of you may know that for some years i've kept a goldfish in my outdoor pond. on various occasions i've caught him to put in tanks, the last time being some time late last year.
anyway for ages now i've been trying to catch him because since realising my pond was most likely infested with gill flukes, i've been worried about the health of the fish in it. but he always proved elusive and only just a moment ago did i finally manage to catch him...phew i'm so relieved haha :-D
but there's some bad news. he quite obviously is unwell. he's grown a lot since i last saw him, and seems to have way more black spots especially around his face (which is a little weird, because in my experience goldfish usually lose their dark colouring as they mature.) he also has now developed the white dots on his gill covers, so i know for sure he's a male. oh and i should mention he is a comet shubunkin with very drapey fins. theres a photo of him in my album.

anyway as i was saying...his fins are ragged at the edges and hes producing way too much mucous, and acting very lethargic. i put him in a holding tank with praziquantel. he's going to have to stay there for now because there's no way i can put him back in a pond full of flukes.

but some exciting news...ages ago, my huge female mosquitofish gave birth to a brood, but only two survived. for a while i kept them in a breeding trap in a coldwater tank, and watched them grow. i was pretty sure it was a male and female.
at some point i put them and their mum in the pond and i thought they'd died or something, because i never saw them after that. but today while i was trying to catch my goldfish, i came across the male...and wow he has grown so much! doesn't even look like a baby anymore. he's very cute. (i know they aren't brightly coloured or anything, but i've always had a soft spot for mosquitofish)
he seemed healthy, but i knew he'd been exposed to the flukes too so i put him in the tank with the goldfish.

now i'm just hoping i can eradicate those flukes. i can't treat the whole pond so i'm hoping i can catch all the fish in it and then the flukes won't have a host and will die. i'm worried that the nuisance snails might be hosts though...opinions anyone? :-?

dorabaker 09-26-2010 01:11 AM

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heres a photo of my goldfish, taken last year when he was in a tank...

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tanker 09-26-2010 01:37 AM

Oh, he's lovely. Have you got a photo of the mosquitofish?

dorabaker 09-26-2010 01:52 AM


Originally Posted by tanker (Post 479439)
Oh, he's lovely. Have you got a photo of the mosquitofish?

no but i can take one :) i just managed to catch the adult female as well, and OMG she is enourmous now and so very lovely to look at...once i've made sure she isnt carrying gill flukes i'll put her in my main tank or betta tank. off to try taking pics now :-P

dorabaker 09-26-2010 02:03 AM

ok i just tried to get some pictures but werent being cooperative, light is bad because its evening here and the water is cloudy because i used water from the pond and the silly goldfish keeps stirring up the sediment haha :) i'll try again tomorrow but i might not be able to get a decent picture until the fish are safely installed in one of my main tanks.

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