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jordan25 09-25-2010 10:41 AM

rainbow shark tankmates
i have a rainbow shark and a tiger barb in a 30 gallon tank i was thinking of getting some kind of electric blue cichlid i was wondering if this would be ok, i will be getting a 55 gallon i dont know when max-a year but if a electric blue cichlid is ok what kind of electric blue cichlid and if its not ok what would .

thanks, jordan

Byron 09-25-2010 12:25 PM

Welcome to Tropical Fish Keeping forum.

This is not a good mix due to water parameter requirements, plus probable aggression.

The cichlid is a rift lake species that requires basic hard water. Most suggest keeping rift lake cichlids on their own, by which I mean only rift lake cichlids in that aquarium. But a 30g tank is not sufficient space for most of them in any grouping.

Tiger barbs should be in a group of at least 8 if not more. In a 30g, you could have a nice setup for a group of 8 Tigers and the shark, but nothing else. Tigers are not good community fish. And the rainbow shark can be aggressive to other bottom fish. But they will probably be OK together.

We have fish profiles, second tab from the left in the blue bar at the top. Info on requirements, compatibility, etc. can be found there for these fish.

jordan25 09-25-2010 01:03 PM

can i do this for stocking my 30 gallon

here is what i have for my 30 gallon
1 rainbow shark
1 green tiger barb

heres what i have
1 rainbow shark
1 green tiger barb

heres what i want to add
1 green tiger barb
2 albino tiger barb
2 regular tiger barb
2 cherry barb
2 rosy barb
2 gold barb
2 black ruby barb
i dont know if this is over stocking but i just want to run it by you. and will they all the barbs school togather and will the rainbow shark leave them alone he leaves the 1 green tiger barb i have know alone but will he when i get all those
and are albino and gold tiger barbs the same thing?

Byron 09-25-2010 01:52 PM

In the fish profiles it indicates the number of each species that should be kept together. Fish that need to be in a group of their own species are called shoaling fish; sometimes aquarists refer to them as schooling fish, but technically that is inaccurate due to the behaviour of true "schooling" fish compared to freshwater "shoaling" fish.

Shoaling fish must be kept in a group (usually 6 is considered minimum, sometimes more for behavioural reasons) in order to be healthy. Shoaling fish sometimes have a "pecking" order within the group, part of their natural instinct, and this interaction is a social behaviour that is essential for the fish's health. Shoaling fish kept alone or in 2 or even 3 can often develop aggressiveness beyond what is normal for that species, or normal aggression is made far worse. So to have healthy fish, attention must be paid to their numbers.

All of the characins (tetra, etc), rasbora, danio and barbs are shoaling fish. The minimum number of each species is six, sometimes more due to pronounced traits as in the Tiger Barb. In a 30g tank you are limited for the number of fish. As I mentioned previously, 8 Tiger Barbs only, plus the rainbow shark, would fill the 30g tank. If you do not have tiger barbs, then some of the other fish are possible, provided they have the number needed. Please read the fish profiles, all this info is there.

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