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serpaekeeper45 04-22-2007 03:00 PM

pond fish
Hi! i am new,and I have a question.I have a 140 gallon pre-formed pond And right now I only have two gold fish that are waiting to get put in(because we just filled the pond with water)How many goldfish can I put in there??Also, will I need a pelco to clean the sides?? any suggestions??
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tangy 04-22-2007 10:56 PM

if anyone catches a mistake,please correct me.
what do you have for the pond besides the actuall pond itself. do you have a good filter, uv steralizer, and power head. if not, the pond will constantally get dirty and the fish will pass away. you also need a heater or the fish will freeze. i know you can put turtles, and numerous goldfish and koi in ponds, not shure about the plecos. can someone else contribute here?

serpaekeeper45 04-23-2007 09:37 PM

That happened to me last year.Both of my pelcos went missing and when we took the plants out of the pond we found them frozen :cry: .But all of our goldfish lived for 5 years,and the only reason that they died was because a bird ate them :cry: .Also,we never had a heater or any of that fancy stuff :? .All we had was a filter.We would add some alge preventer that my mom had and the alge never got to bad.The fish got huge and seemed happy,then they were eaten :x .We have had a pond for years and we have never had a problem with it getting too dirty. :?:

tangy 04-24-2007 04:50 PM

wow i never really tried a pond but because i believed the pond would get dirty without the right equipment and it would become a hassle

Falina 04-24-2007 04:53 PM

Plecs need warmer temperatures than goldfish do. It's not a good idea to keep them together unfortunately. I must admit though that I know diddley-squat about ponds and so can't advise you on any other ways to control algae.

serpaekeeper45 05-16-2007 08:19 PM

OK.I got some plants including an oxygenator.I also got4 more goldfish but 1 died.All of the others seem happy.I used an old filter box as their hiding place.I dint get a heater or pelco but i am using algetone and it is helpin.Thanks again!!

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